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Did you just get the Google Pixel 3a or Google Pixel 3a XL? These are the first tips and tricks that show you how to get the most from these mid-range marvels, highlighting the best Android Pie features. Google has crammed in all kinds of great tools, including some unique elements you won’t find outside of the new Pixel 2019 phones.

Got any tips and tricks for the Pixel 3a smartphones that I missed off? Let us know down below!

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24 replies
  1. dave
    dave says:

    I have a quick question please. My apps icons don't stay in the same place I left them. I go back and they have moved. Also is there a way to mute games but still have the volume stay on for the phone. I have lost calls because I turned the sound down because games have that noisy sound when it opens. Thanks for making the vid. Its helpful

  2. Rude Dawg
    Rude Dawg says:

    Thank you for the very informative video. My wife and I are retired and having only used basic flip phones for years we are not familiar with smartphones at all. We just ordered 2 Pixel 3aXL phones from our carrier's website advertised @ $299.99 each and both having a $200.00 phone upgrade credit which they applied we ended up paying $99.99 + tax for each phone without a contract. They also assured us these were brand new phones not refurbished and they should arrive via UPS in a couple of days.

    We look forward to your upcoming videos on how to use them. Thanks again.

  3. Real Cyphox
    Real Cyphox says:

    Another Video "Android for Idiots", every user going throught the settings of his/her phone step by step can find all this stuff by themself. And you missed the most important thing: setting animations to 0.5 or 0 in dev-options for a snappier experience. phone is fast enough, even if it rocks just a sd670, i set it to 0 and the phone just flies.


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