Google Pixel 3 XL Review: The Shadow of the Notch!


Google Pixel 3 XL. The best camera got a better phone.
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  1. Vasil Simeonov
    Vasil Simeonov says:

    I wasn't aware of Google's smartphoned when I went to buy a new phone and in December 2018 I bought Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. I thought that it was the best android phone and it is a good phone, but far away from best. Then I got even more enthusiastic and bought Samsung Galaxy watch 4G which I returned 2weeks later. Now I'm waiting for pixel 4 and pixel watch, because I am Android user

  2. Daniel Di Martino
    Daniel Di Martino says:

    Does anyone else find the pixel screen too sensitive. I have accidentally answered the phone on many many occasions when pulling it out of my pocket whilst ringing. It is noticeably worse on hot days when there is more heat and moisture in my pants and hand (sweat). First android smart phone I have owned and used, quite annoying!

  3. Cristi Huma
    Cristi Huma says:

    Moved from apple environment to check google's phone (Pixel 3 XL 64GB) and I've encountered many problems with it :
    1. software issues with apps crashing
    2. sometimes unreliable mobile signal, and I've heard similar problems from other people, in and out of the city
    3. freeze times and apps restarting because of low /bad management of RAM
    4. I miss the gesture system, with moving back on a browser/app with a simple swipe
    5. It's a big phone for a single hand and when I try to use it with one hand I keep pressing other things along the way
    6. talking with someone on the phone and a new call disrupting the conversation.

    Running latest pie android version, with factory reset, battery health 100% for the last 3 months.

    I feel it's not like a finished product, it's a growing product and I believe google will fine tune it to be a real competitor by pixel 5.
    The camera and the speed are a big plus, but without stability, they don't matter as much as you would believe, at least for me.

    Moving back to apple so I can rely on my phone to be a GPS, a device I can call with anytime with no issues and an overall stable product that I can count on.

    Call me a apple fan boy, it's just my experience so far.

  4. Adrian Z
    Adrian Z says:

    I dislike the new aspect ratio of your videos. I watch most of your videos on 16:9 screens and now everything looks worse due to the black orizontal bezels.


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