Google Nexus 9 Review!


The 9″ Pure Android Tablet from HTC: Nexus 9!

Android 5.0 Review:

NVIDIA Shield Tablet:

Leo’s Fortune (game):

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over




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  1. Aleks Kevyn
    Aleks Kevyn says:

    Fact, that this device became sluggish, freezing down many times after Google updated to Marshmallow, and became even worst after 7.0, than 7.1 update. They finished to support on 7.1 – I faced accidental freezings, random slow downs. Slow down everything, I needed 30-40 seconds to open sonething. If I opened Chrome and Google Now together the device freezed down, lost response to the touch, needed hardware reboot to come back. It wont helped I cleaned cache datas always, I put clean moster to quick control the ram – NOTHING HELPED! I was so disappointed and sad to this device I decided to downgrading to the "unboxing system". I done, I flashed back 5.0 and it's a wonder happened – looks I have a different device. No freezings, no slow downs more, but a crazy fast experience. Since two months I using with 5.0 factory, I never needed reboot, and I love it – this is one of the best device ever!!! I just never updating!
    Google killing these devices with the updates same way as Apple, but we have possibility to come back anytime, after we opening the bootloader. This is why I love Google 1000 times more! "sent from my superfast Nexus 9"

  2. Brian roy
    Brian roy says:

    I own the HTC Nexus 9 and for a phone Motorola g4 plus and I find the camera better on the HTC Nexus 9 I don't know why he says the camera garbage

  3. TheGreatOrochi sweg
    TheGreatOrochi sweg says:

    so mad that i got the shitty tab 4 should of gotten this i cant store anything on my tab 4 and cant game good and 720p is a joke since older tabs are 1440p but samsung fixed their problem in the tab s series

  4. b
    b says:

    I have an ipad 2nd gen and the build quility is great but its a turtle and a snail and makes a good frisbee. So im done with apple. also have an iphone 4s same thing. Done with apple just keeps getting slower and slower. Why pay 800 for a phone that will crawl in 2 years. When you can buy a google that will speed through many years. Its great that apple keeps posting new software and security updates but that means new phone and talbet every 2 ios levels so either never update(which will make a lot of apps unusable) or buy something else. Hate to say it but i just cant see me spending on a new device that just keeps getting slower and slower. Its like throwing away money.

  5. Metal-Spark
    Metal-Spark says:

    Would you still recommend this tablet or are there better options available now? I'd like a tablet for some productivity needs and media consumption so I'm being kind of picky of having a 9-10" display and a minimum of 1080p but I'm also working with a budget of roughly $250

  6. D. Hansel
    D. Hansel says:

    You said it has a micro SD slot. I have read from other sources that it does not. It does come in a 32mb version.
    Another question…. can it run DJI GO app? I am looking for an Android tablet that will run the DJI Phantom 4 Quad Copter.


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