Google Nexus 6 Review!


Google’s Lollipop flagship, AKA Shamu: Nexus 6!

Android 5.0 Lollipop Review:


Moto X (2014) Review:

Video Gear I use:

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  1. Darkgaledust
    Darkgaledust says:

    I would love to see this body, this design, redone with modern specs and a new display casing to drop those bezels. Would be a monster of a phone. My favorite phone design of all time

  2. L
    L says:

    I can't believe I wanted one of these so much, I ended up getting a 5x.1080p video well I can have that at 120fps… or try 4k at 30fps 😀

  3. Jos Collin
    Jos Collin says:

    This phone cannot be considered as a mobile phone. It can be used as a testing device if you do Android Development. But not as a phone. The reason is: This shitty device just can't survive a sudden display change. It will turn off unexpectedly anytime. This is a hardware issue and There is no fix for it – even Motorola doesn't know how to fix this.

  4. Cryomancer
    Cryomancer says:

    I miss these days of Android. There was so many great phones, and Nexus was the best Android phone you could get. Pixels are terrible, and it seems like almost all Android manufactures nowadays are just trying to be Apple. It's to a point where tech is becoming pretty boring. Android isn't like it used to anymore. It almost seems like it's just going downhill. The Pixel 3XL rumors seems bad, and Samsung is falling apart because it's too expensive and and becoming useless to upgrade.

    In all reality here, Android to me has seem to go downhill. Back in these days Android was such a great competitor to iOS, not trying to be iOS. Apple has also gone boring. The 5S was an amazing design, and iOS 7 was new and fresh. Now with iPhone X it seems to simple and generic, and expensive.

    Tech for me has gotten more boring, and I'm sure not all of you will agree, but I know some will understand what I mean.


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