Google Nexus 4 Review!


Google’s and LG’s Android 4.2 Flagship Smartphone for 2012! Thumbs up!

Nexus 4 Unboxing:

LTE on the Nexus 4:

Top 5 Features of Android 4.2 Jellybean:

Buy a Nexus 4:

It’s cousin, the LG Optimus G Review:

Nexus log macro shot from Austin:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5




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  1. Neon Shores
    Neon Shores says:

    Man I loved this phone so much. The subtle sloped edges and glittery glitch back were just superb. Performed well except for deactivated LTE radio, wish they could've built on this design instead of the boring Nexus 5.

  2. Nick Aguirre
    Nick Aguirre says:

    Wow, I'm watching this old video on my 12GB OnePlus 7 Pro! 😂😂😂 Hearing him say 720P is super HD and saying "the battery is decent, it's no 4 hour screen on time or anything" just makes me laugh in 2019! This is neat to watch in 2019 honestly.

  3. Jason King
    Jason King says:

    Much, much better designs than the crap we have now in 2019, I mean look at that Samsung phone, the way it blends the contours of the case is fantastic, and that is very pocket friendly too…


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