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How do reset your Google Nexus 4 phone- both in software and (when things are really bad) in hardware- via a series of combination button presses. Step by step- you can follow along doing a factory reset.

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  1. Saurav Sen
    Saurav Sen says:

    Your video has been a big help. However< I am hitting a brick wall and need your help. Im getting past Recovery Mode and No command. But from there on, it doesnt seem to be taking me to the next screen. It is instead taking me back to the battery icon and back to square one. Any ideas how to go past this?

  2. Simone Morais Koide
    Simone Morais Koide says:

    I have a Nexus 4 and a few months here whenever I'm watching videos on youtube and I click on "pause" it turns itself off. I am not in a position to send you for technical assistance, but if you have any way to standardize this, please share a solution. Detail: There in "config" in the option of "developer" this button is already enabled, I have access.

  3. kod18
    kod18 says:

    @EpicReviewsTech MY phone is stuck on the spinning balls reboot screen..I followed the steps you said about the hardware reboot but even after that my phone is still stuck there.. there was no update that i was doing or anything of that sort.. The phone wouldnt turn on so i turned it off (power button + volume button). This usually does the trick but this time it didnt.. so i followed your steps and still nothing changed.. can u please help?

  4. ThePouria32
    ThePouria32 says:

    hi thanks for your video , i have got few error when i want to do reset factory, errors are : E:failed to mount / cache (Invalid argument) and other kind of these errors. cant you please help me to fix it?


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