Gigaset QV830 8-inch Android Tablet Review


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Gigaset QV830 8-inch Android Tablet Review

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34 replies
  1. jon crocker
    jon crocker says:

    The MOST HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THIS PLANET!!!! Qv830 lasted about a year and a half. Got a new qv1030 and it lasted about 6 frakking months!!! Took it to a tablet repair shop and they said it needed a new charging port and a new battery. Through emails with someone at gigaset…they said I would have to mail the tablet to them, in GERMANY!, for repairs. They said it would cost about a hundred dollars plus the cost of the charging port! I know someone here who would put the battery in. The tablet was only about 120$! On top of that, add the price to mail the damn thing! They said that they could not mail me a new charging port and bill me for it!! I will NEVER buy any more shitty junk from gigaset again!!! I love my new Lenovo tablet! F@#K YOU gigaset!

  2. Kansas Gardener
    Kansas Gardener says:

    Gigaset tablets are complete crap! I got mandatory updates for apps like Home depot, Wal-Mart,Redbox etc. My 3 year old Gigaset tablet is not compatible with the updates so I can't use the apps anymore. What a waste of money. Buy a better tablet and save yourself the headache. I also has so many other flaws I don't know where to start. Just an example…Speaker is on the back and sucks. Can't move apps to memory card etc etc I hope this one is better than mine but will never know because I will never buy another junk Gigaset!

  3. pizza Aaden
    pizza Aaden says:

    it comes with a case right because I am watching it on a Gigaset tablet and it came with a case and span to this comment as soon as you can thank you very much

  4. natter man
    natter man says:

    I got 2 of these off qvc for christmas. They work great. I like how thin and easy it is to hold in ur hands for a 8 inch tablet. It feels very well made and expensive. 720p can get really bright and video is beautiful. I wish someone made a silicone case to protect it from falls but i was reading the paper work that came with this and it called this tablet le pan. It wasn't in the quick start guide but the little warranty book. So I looked up the Le Pan tablet and they look identical. Has anyone noticed this?

  5. forest rin
    forest rin says:

    I've had mine for ONLY a few months, was running smooth and everything until about a month ago it began to run slower, today, also a few days ago it's been freezing after I go on a certain app, and it doesn't unfreeze, so I've rebooted it probably about a thousand times already trying to solve the problem, it works after 4 trys. I've done a hard reset about 3-4 times, the first time I've done a hard reset it was still running well, the second time too, but the third and fourth just keep ending up with the same results, aka it lags or freezes after about 30mins in. :/


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