Galaxy Z Flip vs Moto RAZR 2020: 10 Differences!


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs RAZR 2020 – we finally have context for folding phones!
Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing:
Motorola RAZR First Look:

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  1. Anthony Laroya
    Anthony Laroya says:

    Obviously the prices are expensive and everyone just wants them cheaper. But if we based the prices on specs and quality only…

    The razr would be waaaay closer to midrange phones. If it costed around 400-600 us dollars itd be a hit.

    The z flip is closer to upper-mid, borderline top tier phones. i say borderline cause samsung phones with the s20 lineup are more expensive but pack way more specs, so your definition of top tier/premium may vary. So based on its specs and quality, its relative price range should be 700-900.

    I think at 1k and beyond, any folding phone is irrelevant and just too expensive

  2. Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem
    Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem says:

    Reviewers keep seeming to forget the Razr is also I throwback novelty item. The Z Flip is a proof of concept being introduced to the market. If it works, they will continue to better it. They aren't going to throw all the eggs in one basket and blow their loads in round 1. One other thing that is also never mentioned is the RAZR is exclusive to Verizon. It's sales figures will be a quarter of the Z Flip.

  3. Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio
    Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio says:

    For me the Z Flip loses. Just because it doesn't really impress from a stylistic point of view, nor is it technically a good design. It's just a normal fucking phone that you can fold with a miniature screen on the front, that's it. It's boring.

  4. Nil Saha
    Nil Saha says:

    I feel bad for Motorola…. they were soooo happy and hype about their come back to the mobile phone industry with their folding phone and Samsung just straight up denied it… lol


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