Galaxy Tab S4 Complete Walkthrough: A More Productive Tablet


Samsung recently released their latest flagship Android tablet: the Samsung Tab S4. And it’s really pretty.

They were kind enough to send me one though and as is the usual here on this channel, I figured I’d do a complete walkthrough on it so you guys can have as much information as possible on it should you be in the market to buy one.

There’s a lot to go through, so let’s get started with the hardware.



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45 replies
  1. Therev Fireman
    Therev Fireman says:

    Being a retired individual, I came to your channel hoping to get more info on the basic functions of the tablet that most younger users probably are comfortable with. I'm looking for info on things like adding a predictive text and spell check app, also ways to stream to my smart tv, etc.

  2. Dan Jakubik
    Dan Jakubik says:

    The Microsoft surface pro 6 uses 8th generation Intel processors, the core i5 and core i7 used in desktops. The surface pro uses an advanced LCD display with excellent 2.7k resolution. Of all tablets, the surface pro 6 comes closest to a true laptop experience. As for myself, someone who has followed technology since I was a small child, I recommend owning and using three devices: laptop, tablet and smartphone.

  3. Dan Jakubik
    Dan Jakubik says:

    At best, the Samsung galaxy tab s4 used in dext mode is mildly productive. This tablet run on an android mobile operating system. The Microsoft surface pro 6 runs the full desktop windows operating system. There's a big difference between a mobile and desktop operating system.

  4. Dan Jakubik
    Dan Jakubik says:

    I recently purchased Samsung's latest greatest tablet, the galaxy tab S4. I'm very pleased with it. It's an exaggeration to claim any tablet is a desktop or laptop in terms of power, function and capability. Tablets are media consumption entertainment devices. Laptop are designed for serious work on the go. The hierarchy of computers based on power, capability and function from greatest to smallest remains as follows: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

  5. Phillip Adams
    Phillip Adams says:

    It can definitely replace a PC for people that just do web browsing, email, facebook, and note-taking for example. Can't see a problem with them saying that. And let's face it, that's all most people use a laptop/pc for anyway

  6. Pore P
    Pore P says:

    honestly, it's true, bezels on tablets are needed especially if you want to use them with folio keyboard type cases to turn them into a netbook 2 in 1. only realized this once I bought a tablet and Noticed I actually want a bezel so that i don't have clips over my screen with a keyboard case

  7. Duppy King
    Duppy King says:

    I'm at that dilemna again. Productivity vs portability. Thought about a DEX like solution with Huawei, but big issue, lack of availability of a big screen when needed. Thinking of getting a MacBook Pro, but then may need an iPad for light work and on the go. Alternative would be a Surface, or Samsung TabPro Windows tablet PC, or a Note 9 phone + DEX. Long term DEX users, how's your DEX set up after a few months? (Just wish MS would release a Surface Phone and be done with it).

  8. Duppy King
    Duppy King says:

    Had a Samsung TabPro S Windows hybrid a few years ago. Really good device for productivity. Super thin. Big negative. Expensive. So why go for the DEX + Android combo when you can go for Windows?

  9. Nighthawk
    Nighthawk says:

    Loved this video. Fantastic. I am definitely following this channel. I have been an Apple user for many years now and recently I bought a Samsung Phone. Honestly, I was surprised with the amount of things Android, especially Samsung software allows me to do. The always on display thing is fantastic, the super smoked screen is so amazing and now I look st my iPad screen and it looks outdated. Sure all these things have been on the market for a long time but because I hadn't used Android since 2012 I feel like I discovered a whole new world. It's amazing to witness how much Android and Samsung have improved. Now with apple rising he iPhone prices that much there is no way I will buy another iPhone and my question now is should I get this lovely Galaxy tab instead of an iPad?

  10. orfeo smania
    orfeo smania says:

    well I'm against this tab for the simple thing that using 4Gb of RAM in 2019 it is ridiculous.

    Xiaomi mi mix 3 years ago was offering 6Gb or RAM in a Smartphone

    it's ridiculous to give 64Gb of ROM for a TAB.

    it is ridiculous to use a processor which is old.

    so far what I have seen is it can do alot of things this tab but none 100%.

    hum.. so I will not buy it

  11. Anderson C
    Anderson C says:

    What a buyer SHOULD be doing is buying/choosing the "right tool for the task". Tablets are (or SHOULD be) for the casual computer user. "Serious" users that NEED portability? Get a Samsung Book 3 or Surface Pro 6…more "serious"? Using it for income? DESKTOP. 🙂


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