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If you have messed up your Samsung Galaxy S4 so badly that you want to erase it and start over- you can do that. Be warned- it will erase EVERYTHING on the phone. I first show how to do the reset in software- if the phone is still up and running. Then I show how to do the reset via restarting while holding 3 buttons.

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  1. Juanito Islas
    Juanito Islas says:

    If U Have Some Apps Progress Saved On A Gmail Account, If U Delete It All, Will I Be Able To Recover It All With My Gmail Account Afterthis???, Please Answer I Know It Been A Couple Of Years This Has Been Uploaded

  2. ShyGuy19898
    ShyGuy19898 says:

    i have a Sam-Gal s4 505 and im not getting any sound from it except for the startup sounds iv made shur that i do have the sound on and iv know that it don't think that i have an headphone jack in it and iv turned up all the sound setting and the volume an still no sound…. is there somthing iv missed… is there a way to only reset the sound drivers… help plz. o and i also made shur that any app related sound was on and at max….

  3. LOADING...
    LOADING... says:

    Hello I follow every thing u said. Setting>accounts>back up and reset>factory data reset. After that "delete all" button appears but that button doesn't work.

  4. Stamatios Frezados
    Stamatios Frezados says:

    Hello, thank you so much for sharing this video. 
    I bought my Samsung S4 in Canada. It doesn't have many languages except English, French, Spanish, and 3-4 Asian's languages. 
    Do you know what I can do to have more options? please..!

  5. Augusto Lugo
    Augusto Lugo says:

    Thanks so much for posting this very informative video, I have two questions, 1 I shouldn't take the sim card? 2 -I have a Micro SD card, should i take it out when doing the factory reset? Thanks for your help 🙂 🙂

  6. TheRealGabby
    TheRealGabby says:

    Can you show me how go back to how the phone used to be updated I don't like the me update the emojis are stupid I dont like this be update I wanna put my phone back the way it was help ??! /:

  7. Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia says:

    my galaxy is sgh 1337 and i put in chainfire 3D and i put install and turn off and i put factory reset and reboot system now and nothing happens juts turn off and turn on and says galaxy s4 and turn off ehat happen???????????

  8. daghmash moody
    daghmash moody says:

    i have problem with this as i did the reset i did try to use my old gmail acct i couldn't to sign in it gave me "can't establish a reliable connection to the server" i even try to register but it always gives me unavailable email. any solutions plz? 

  9. silver0323
    silver0323 says:

    thank you! my GS4 screen went completely black screened. I was able to follow your video to factory reset it before sending it back for my replacement. Thanks again!


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