Galaxy Nexus Camera Review


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I’ll let you judge what you think of the camera. What do you think?

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44 replies
  1. DLN F
    DLN F says:

    I am still using this phone until now.i wanted to win the note 8 badly. So sad i did not get the chance.. 🙁 but still a fan of your channel.

  2. Will Crosby
    Will Crosby says:

    Hey man im looking at getting a new phone around the same price range as the nexus 4, is there any other phone that would come close or be a better buy?

  3. TheRespawnTimer
    TheRespawnTimer says:

    Issue that still makes me unsure if I want this over the S2 is the fact that the S2 has anti shake, while the Nexus doesn't.

    So if I press the button on the wrong time it will get blurry while the S2 or S3 will compensate for it.

  4. Greg Zeng
    Greg Zeng says:

    Camera = GPU + lens + sensor + shutter-button + …
    No tripod-like photos/ videos, no slow-zooming tests for lighting & distance changes & accuracy.
    Brave 'wish-list' … of a bad camera: flare when direct sunlight dares to be near the edge of view, poor-lines-per-inch, poor dynamic range, poor placement of shutter button.
    My Galaxy-Note-clone has the shutter button, independently of all others, but 90 degrees opposite the distant to the target: Windows-8 smartphone style.


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