Galaxy A50 and A30 Review: Finally, Great Budget Samsung Phones!


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Samsung’s new Galaxy A series raise the bar with gorgeous AMOLED screens and refined designs, and we have two of the best new models up for review: the Galaxy A50 and the Galaxy A30.
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38 replies
  1. Brooke Bailey
    Brooke Bailey says:

    Does anyone know which networks work with the A30 and A50? I want to purchase one of the two but not sure if they will work with my network and apparently you have to bring the phone in for them to tell you??

  2. hienho15
    hienho15 says:

    This dude should never do any Samsung reviews or attend any the Samsung note 10 event after that dumb article posted by him on the website. How is he going to suggest removing the s pen from the note line?

  3. David Martrano
    David Martrano says:

    I purchased the A50 for my son, he loves it. A very nice display, above average cameras, a 4000mamp battery, 6to7hrs SOT, not to shabby. Micro s/d support & headphone jack. I picked it up on Amazon for 296.00 after taxes. He loves it!

  4. yitzi synett
    yitzi synett says:

    Its sad to see that a phone reviewing channel with 1 million subscribers doesn't know anything about phones, the A-series has been there since 2014 and the M-series replaced the J-series. And BTW One UI and touchWiz are completely different things

  5. Anx _iety
    Anx _iety says:

    PhoneArena does not take this review properly. They always say more downsides of the phones which are not even true. Speakers are great. Scanner is great. Camera is super good. Everything for them is a downside

  6. atom608
    atom608 says:

    Have the a50, thought it was the best value in the A series range with the triple cameras. Love this phone its perfect besides one thing. The power button is on the same side as the volume buttons and they feel the same so often when i go to adjust volume i hit the power button and put the phone to sleep which is so annoying.


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