Fusion5 10.6 Inch Tablet - Unboxing & Review


I give this Android tablet a thorough review and unboxing. I go over all of the fine details that you wanna know! Please comment any questions that you may have.



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  1. candylover23435
    candylover23435 says:

    Would this run word docs smoothly and memory be enough for it ? Can it split screen? I just want a tablet only for writing 6000 + word essays on for college. Id be using the usb to store the essays from a pcdesktop and use it with this tablet back and forth.

  2. Knowledgeis halfthebattle
    Knowledgeis halfthebattle says:

    I know William S. means well. But, this is not a thorough review. Once one finds a weakness one should thoroughly test and define. WILL THE TAB HOLD UP FOR GAMING? 3D graphics (OpenGL|ES 3.1)??? William states on the vid the newer games run slow with a bit of lag? How slow? What was the lag rate? What is a minor inconvenience to W.S.? Do the games run slow enough to make one miserable trying to play a game? How did it run with a few other new games? Has the Tab been bench-marked? What was the FPS during each game? How does this Tab compare to Fire HD 10 and Dragon Touch X10? If one is focused on movies and gaming, does William S. recommend any other Tab in the same price range? Does Fusion have any other version of Tabs? I'd like to make up mind mind on picking between Fusion, Dragon Touch and Fire HD 10. But, I can not find one reasonable review that gives enough specific information whatsoever to make a reasonable decision.

  3. Alwin Bennett
    Alwin Bennett says:

    hey I watched your video and loved it… I got he fusion 5 and the experience has been great. I need your assistance though my wifi keeps tripping out. How can I fix the issue? How do I factory reset it?

  4. yyzdnl
    yyzdnl says:

    Bought one based on this recommendation and neither Netflix or Hulu apps work on this device.  I will be returning, buyer beware on this tablet.

  5. brybish
    brybish says:

    mine has lost the touch screen function don't know why it has not been dropped or abused in any way in fact its a great tablet for this money i even put up with the odd graphic artefacts but with out touch its a paper weight.i am now in the wonderful world of getting a replacement or money back. please wish me luck.

  6. M Z.14
    M Z.14 says:

    Great review. Would you recommend any HDMI cable for this tablet ? I noticed the dimensions are different from the normal ones. Any link would be appreciated.

  7. bigmanol15
    bigmanol15 says:

    Never heard of this company, but the spec looks great. I'm looking to get a tablet for a relative at Christmas. They will be using it for web browsing and watching videos online, how is the tablet running for you after a few months and would you recommend it?


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