Fusion5 10.6 Inch Android Tablet - Unboxing & Review Android Lollipop 5 1 1


In this video I review my experiences with the Fusion5 10.6 inch Tablet. I’ve had this Fusion5 Tablet for a few months now and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

This tablet is a low priced alternative to the higher priced tablets on the market.
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  1. Angaraj navaneetha krishnan
    Angaraj navaneetha krishnan says:

    Its screen and built quality is poor screen will not work in 3 months you need to pay 4000-6000 since the service person in hyderabad will open and show side image and claims it as physical damage. once you change the screen within one month the tab will be dead it will not switch on.

  2. E&E
    E&E says:

    Since you weren´t even aware it came with the DC plug, I´m assuming you had been charging it vía de micro USB port?????

  3. Me
    Me says:

    _– why would you just hold it so the light in the background is reflecting into the camera? Cant see a thing on the screen


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