Full Review & Demo: Traktor DJ 2 App For iPad, Mac & PC (With SoundCloud) - Free DJ software


Traktor DJ 2 is Native Instruments’s brand-new and free DJ software for iOS, Mac and Windows. In this in-depth video review, we get under the skin of both the iPad and desktop versions and give you our opinion.

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You know what gets in the way of DJing success? Life, that’s what! You love DJing, but you know the truth… which is that your number one enemy is time.

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18 replies
  1. thegeniemusic
    thegeniemusic says:

    What happened to the looping and effect functions? Sadly this version is nowhere near as good for what I was used to doing- is there a way to obtain the previous version?

  2. BoyScoutTv
    BoyScoutTv says:

    I noticed you missed that fact that mixcloud support has been removed so has the record function.. i tested my Z1 controller and it works with the new software but i hate the fact that the original ios version had more features and you could connect more controllers. With that said that the original version has now been removed from the app store. I feel not having a paid version for people wanting a pro application on the ipad will be downfall for trakor ios i am hope this changes but i can't see it.

    R.I.P Trakor iso

  3. Jose Lugo
    Jose Lugo says:

    no surprise they did not have a curve option in the software for the crossfader but this is not for the scratch djs in our world. but the app is great. going to get it.

  4. Justin Jadunath
    Justin Jadunath says:

    Regarding the desktop version: How do I add my iTunes playlists?
    And, in regards to the iOS version, I still prefer the depth and control over fx, and eq in Traktor DJ. Just having four fx (including the filter) seems like a step backwards to me. Full on XY control in Traktor DJ is something that I really love!

  5. adam mikkelsen
    adam mikkelsen says:

    I would rather use VDJ than Traktor, the interface just has too much going on for just the fun live show I feel it's almost more of vital production thing and Serato is good for turntables but limited in certain areas I've always found vdj especially 8 did DVS system seems just as good and I ran it with a Serato box and without a Serato box didn't notice much difference at all

  6. rolf ski
    rolf ski says:

    @7:20 "There's thousands of sounds on Soundcloud…" Lol, there are actually 150 million tracks on Soundcloud (compared to the 30 million on Spotify), including all mixes and podcasts of course.
    Also, you forgot to mention a key iPad-only feature that's actually pretty cool: Freeze mode, which lets you chop up beats by touching individual bars.

  7. Wik Medi
    Wik Medi says:

    Hi folks at digital DJ tips,

    I have a question, don't know where to put it in, so I put it in these comments;

    I usually play at weddings, therefore there are quite different party people almost every event, often with different cultural backgrounds. So during the main- or hottime, when the dancefloor is full, I'm struggling to find that tunes, that are taking them further and further on the top of the party-mood wave. Especially in the hotrotation its difficult, when songs are played only up to two minutes. With this comes the Serrato-face, I have no capacity for making those MC stuff and partying with the crowd, because I always try to find that one tune, that work best for the crowd as a whole. I can't prepare as good as for a club, where the usual taste is known.

    What tips can you provide, to minimise the Serrato-face and to be able to be a party-rocker DJ, who rocks with the crowd?


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