Full, honest review of Apple October MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iPad Pro update.


153- A wide-ranging philosophical soup of happiness and angst as I weigh in on the new MacBook Air, Mac mini and iPad Pro. I have a long history with Apple and their products. I hate Apple because I love them. The supreme neglect of the Mac line has been painful for me to comment on. Has Apple responded to Mac lovers who can’t afford an iMac Pro? I want to know.

Macinstack Pro video 1

Macinstack Pro video 2

Camera- Lumix G85
Lighting- Lowel Tota light (the one I’ve had since 1991)
Sound- RODE NTG-2 boom mic
XLR to mini converter- BeachTek DXA-2T
Tascam DR-10L




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  1. Obie327
    Obie327 says:

    Lol! So funny! The Prehistoric Amber Lois Rossman bit was so hilarious! Thanks for the delightfully entertaining and informative video Peter.

  2. Roger Harris
    Roger Harris says:

    Paul, You Da Nan. No one else saw the Nac modular future as you dud. Your phone calls with Tim have shown you place on the "A" list of knowatism.

    I Bow, Your suplicant
    Roger Rogre

  3. Adam Buker
    Adam Buker says:

    Now I know what it must have felt like to have been an Apple II user in the late 80's and early 90's when they set that line to fail in favor of the Mac.

  4. OnceAPunAThyme
    OnceAPunAThyme says:

    @Peter Paul Chato The ASUS Mini PC PB60 B7064ZD looks interesting. Smaller than the Mac mini, i7 8700T, which seems sensible given the small size/thermal challenges, 256GB flash storage rather than 128GB, 16GB of memory rather than 8GB, albeit 2400Mhz, rather than the Mini's 2666Mhz. Ugly box but perhaps the internals are removable, as in fit-able in a an old Mac Mini case, with some cunning design and 3d printer magic. The big win for the Mini is that Thunderbolt 3, isn't it, for external graphics cards. 

    I don't know, I am really keen to hear about alternatives. Another would be a NUC, ultrabook series CPU but much better integrated graphics on some of them if you want a really small form factor that will double as a Hackmack/Windows box that can game and the i5 and i7 models have Thunderbolt 3, albeit the U-series i5 and i7 CPUs will be a bit of a bottlekneck, there. I am sure there are other possibilities to lead away from the utter despair at Apple's pricing, or more specifically at their not bringing out a budget orientated Mac.

  5. KᗩᖇIᑎᘔIO
    KᗩᖇIᑎᘔIO says:

    I think the "mac user fucked" does not yet make enough the idea of how much apple has fucked mac users (especially in the branch of professionals)
    it makes me shiver the thought of going back to Windows after 10 years
    but an outlet for the ass so big from Apple has become intolerable

  6. rsr789
    rsr789 says:

    I'm SO tempted to make a Hackintosh after seeing Apple's horrific showing in NYC. And I bet you anything that when / if Apple moves to using thier own CPU's, someone will find a way around that too. People have already found ways of using AMD's Ryzen CPU to run Mac OS.

  7. MoonDogg
    MoonDogg says:

    They are getting closer and closer to coming out with an ARM based mac. That is why they keep mentioning the iPad is faster than 92% of laptops. I am predicting by 2020 it will happen.

  8. el 01
    el 01 says:

    Think Mac: ThinkPad hardware useability with the useability of Mac OS. (I would run Linux, but Mac OS is OK.)

    Also known as:how to use a MacBook: MY PRECIOUS dongles and glossy MacBook and keyboard and oh darn the keyboard doesn't work at least I can brag about the thinness to PC pleb over there

    ThinkPad: carry some place, do work, leave.

    Apple, can we have useable hardware?

  9. stewart hart
    stewart hart says:

    Mice are so last century
    Drawing w a bar of soap is no fun
    Navigating is better w trackpads
    Fingers & Pencil mucho better
    People are replacing their cintiqs w iPad pros

  10. Michael Patrick
    Michael Patrick says:

    The iPad is about 100X more iconic than the Mac- you are just so old your brain can't comprehend evolution. If Steve was around and he saw this video he'd call you the biggest dumb ass on earth. iPad and iPad Pro are replacing the Mac. You can either accept that reality or get left in the dust. People absolutely love iPad and iPad Pro. The Mac doesn't even come CLOSE at all in sales, power, architecture, portability. Literally in no way does a Mac compare to an iPad. You have absolutely no concept of reality or where we are. Absolutely clueless to what's going on around you lol.

  11. Hexspa
    Hexspa says:

    $1299 for an 8700, 8GB RAM, 256GB PCIe storage (960 Pro speeds), Thunderbolt 3 & cooling all pre-assembled in a nice case, BT+WiFi working with iOS devices, warrantied and able to be regularly updated with some resale value is not that bad, tbh. Factor in approximately $100 for the T2 chip and an equivalent Hackintosh would cost around $900+. The time you spend researching, building, troubleshooting, backing up, cloning & testing a hack is easily worth $300 plus the additional storage you need for clone drives. All told long-term, you're probably only spending $100 more for this than building it yourself.

    Most computer enthusiasts know not to buy RAM from Apple and that, along with 2TB storage, make up the bulk of the $4,200 price point. With TB3, you have no real reason not to get external storage for everything but the OS and apps. I have most of Adobe's Creative Cloud, a few DAWs, numerous plugins like those from Waves and Native Instruments, along with general day-to-day software and I only use about 125GB storage.

    I've been strongly considering hackintoshing for a few years now. In the meantime, I've been saving up for a new system. My opinion is that this new Mac Mini is a viable contender against that route. Maybe you have different needs, expectations & wants and that's ok.

  12. Andy Brice
    Andy Brice says:

    Apple's notebook lineup used to make sense. MacBook (more affordable) MacBook Air (thin) MacBook Pro (powerful) for three different markets. Hopefully they're moving back to that. Rather than making all their notebooks thin, expensive, and underpowered.


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