FPV Reviews: The AKK-Tech X1 VTX (40 Ch, switchable 25/200/600mw power)


Akk Tech supplied this X1 VTX for me to review. Long story short is that it performs well. It’s simple to see what channel/band/mw power you are on and equally easy to change.

If I had to nit-pick though, I would also like a choice of SMA, or RP-SMA connection, and have it come pre shrink-wrapped.

Here’s the (affiliate) link to the X1 VTX – https://www.akktek.com/products/vtx/akk-x1.html?acc=6c8349cc7260ae62e3b1396831a8398f

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  1. EnglishTurbines
    EnglishTurbines says:

    Nice job Wayne….Im toying with trying to FPV my old Alien Quad….I got a box of 3 blade props, but then realised how to balance them..?…I liked the look of this Quad you flew in the Clip, is it expensive to build from scratch, it looks like it has plenty of room for stuff?

  2. BlueFlyer
    BlueFlyer says:

    Your Session footage looks worse than my RC2 HD footage lol…. get it sent back for a refund…. FFFFIIIIVE!

    Seriously though, I'll need a new VTX soon for my 2nd quad. Will see how long it'll be before they arrive in the UK amazon site


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