Fling Analog Joystick for iPad/iPad 2 (Review)


The Fling Joystick from Ten One Design uses a suction cup to attach to the iPad screen. Users then can use their thumbs to control any surface control as an analog joystick. The pad can be placed anywhere on the screen. It has also a transparent and see-through design to minimize any obstruction of graphics.




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  1. Hxnting
    Hxnting says:

    I saw one of these on amazon for £7 (single) And I am thinking about getting a pair of them for my nexus 7. Any thoughts? (Will probably be playing FPS games like Modern combat 3)

  2. batty251
    batty251 says:

    well yea but u can use it for dead trigger and for this game called mini motor and the games he's showing off and more but i only got my 2 fling's today so just trying them out so far its awesome in dead trigger and mini motor but only the one i used both for dead trigger but wasnt really fun because the right kept shooting and didnt turn 360 fast on black ops zombies either

  3. joeseeyou
    joeseeyou says:

    i would love to know if you have used them on an android tablet? ive been trying to find videos about it being used on android games but ive seen one video and it doesnt look very promising. i know it says for ipad but should still work wonderfully right?


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