Finally XXL Hats to Fit My Big Head!


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The hat you wear is a part of your lifestyle and an extension of you. People who have bigger heads than normal are unable to find hats in stores that fit. If your hat is too small it will be uncomfortable, not look right, and unfortunately most likely made you stop wearing hats all together. Lamood Big Hats was formed specifically for people with big heads so you could start wearing hats again that are comfortable and sleek looking.

Frustrated with the off-the-shelf hats found in retail stores, that would never fit head sizes greater than a 7, Lamood Big Hats was created to offer the finest big hats for big heads. We make our hats with larger patterns and more material so they are bigger around and deeper in the crown. Although our hats are larger than regular hats they are made to look proportionate to your larger head.

At Lamood Big Hats we have the biggest selection and sizes of hats. We carry exclusive big head hats that are not found or made anywhere else in the world. Sleek, comfortable and affordable hats for big heads that you will flaunt and surely make an impact wherever you go! Lamood Big Hats takes the selection of our hats and caps we make and carry very seriously because it’s important to you. We believe there’s a hat for every big head, and it is our passion to find that perfect hat for you!

Our hometown of Carmel, Indiana is consistently ranked as one of the greatest cities in the country. The motto here is in line with our customer relationships – “A Partnership For the Tomorrow”.

· Deeper in crown so sits further down on your head. · Bigger around than hats found in stores. · Goes above and beyond the “one size fits all” caps. · Made for people with big heads · Doesn’t hurt to wear. · Quality hats truly made for big heads

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19 replies
  1. vanlife 123s
    vanlife 123s says:

    I remember back in the day I just cruise to the mall and get a 7 n7/8 or an 8. Recently called local places cuz I like to fit in person and all I got was clueless Kyle saying all they have is large / XL. 🤦‍♂️

  2. e pon
    e pon says:

    Cant believe it's 2018 and I just watched a guy haphazardly scroll through his own website. Probably gonna order one of these hats though.

  3. dee dee allen
    dee dee allen says:

    Everything said about this hat is on piont ,the fit , comfort . One problem that I found in the black hat is it starts to change color maybe due to sweat, I have purchased a few and they all had discoloration like a brown stain on the front top& bill. at that point I use them for working in the yard. other than that like the hat.


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