Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Digital Foundry Tech Review - Beautiful, But Not Flawless


Join Alex Battaglia and John Linneman for a detailed breakdown of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We check out PS4 Pro and PS4 visual comparisons and performance and appreciate the often stunning use of Unreal Engine 4. It’s a beautiful game but it’s not flawless. What’s up with the texture popping and can an SSD brute force your way through the issues?

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  1. Piyalak Nuchim
    Piyalak Nuchim says:

    Fun fact. All the new game SE made and release recently. Start with KH3, other big and small game on many platform, like Octopath Travelers, Trails of Mana, Bravery Default II, And this FFVIIR. All are UE4. Seems like SE invested a lot to Epic Games now. Not to mention how many developer who have experience in this engine in there multiple studios.

    About the low res texture things. Look like low LOD object to me. Combined with slow texture streaming. Maybe they initially made it more consistent but when the area are packed with a lot of objects and NPC, Which is heavy on draw call, The CPU. It's the only thing that overlap here. If it happens to be that PS4 CPU couldn't handle the area perfectly, Like it's fine when player stay still and nothing load but it can have some stuttering when character moving fast and it do a lot of load and unload NPC and objects. And they also doesn't want to unpopulated the area, or remove the objects that fill the area. So, Make texture and LOD object streaming slower. Limit it when player moving in high density area. Or maybe have a script made to not load some un-priorized object until it's possible to do so without stress on CPU, And that scrip happened to be bug in some area and completely not loading high detail of some object at all. This is not about GPU. Let's say if it's the same town but trim down to what you can see, With NPC that do nothing but looping animation or just walk randomly without many variations, PS4 should be able to handle that easily. But if it's a lot of NPC with different behavior all packed in this area where player could run around. That's a huge impact to CPU.

  2. mercurrius
    mercurrius says:

    A cash grab so big that you’ll get it in seven parts and not worth it! Say no to the quest for money! If you want to get wait until you can get it in one Collection!

  3. Bluntdragon
    Bluntdragon says:

    I don't know anything about UE4, however it really looks like a memory leak issue with textures. Like the textures are failing to load properly. Hopefully a Day 1 patch solves this. If not, when the game comes out on PC in a year, it definitely will be. That being said, I can't wait for mods/60fps/higher resolution.

  4. KitMellow
    KitMellow says:

    The statement from the devs and the 100GB install size seems to indicate that it could be the consoles don't have enough RAM/shared graphics memory for higher LOD's in certain areas, because the game doesn't rely on redundancies as much as it should for current-gen hardware.

  5. arkatub
    arkatub says:

    In cases where the texture is too sharp there is little/no performance improvement gained by saving it at a lower resolution.
    In cases where the texture is too blurry you can't use a higher resolution file for fear of increasing the "pop-in" effect.
    – the life of a video game artist.

  6. Karl Strukhoff
    Karl Strukhoff says:

    i fucking love the way UE4 looks, I'll play an average game just to be blown away by the graphic fidelity, it can make even garbage games like Life is Strange look absolutely amazing at times.

    Shame devs still can't seem to figure out textures in UE, it's hard texture loading issues since the first builds of UE3 and still haunts games, oh well. PC MASTER RACE

  7. Roy Fokker
    Roy Fokker says:

    people should grateful such a good looking game could run well on such weak console instead of complaining about flaws which are pound to be with a game like this on weak hardware

  8. Phrea Spirit
    Phrea Spirit says:

    This review reminded me of the same texture streaming issue that stopped me from playing RE7 on ps4pro. It was just awful. Textures kept popping in and out all the time in ceratin areas. Xbox One X version, on the other hand, was good. So maybe in FFVII it is both engine and hardware problem

  9. MrMoro11 Tv
    MrMoro11 Tv says:

    People here who are concerned about low texture are like kids who don't understand anything.
    All of you are not aware of the power limit of the PS4 console, they are maximizing the details and resolution of this game so that there must be other parts that are sacrificed because of the power limit of the PS4.

  10. Dorimi Prism
    Dorimi Prism says:

    I'm wondering if I should just wait. This episodic format seems like Square's way of not delaying this thing into oblivion and delivering on their promise to have the game on current gen, but if there's a prospect for a "Complete Edition" with all episodes or whatever for PS5 and/or PC, I suddenly feel in no rush to run out and buy the current version of VII Remake. Those low-res textures almost bring me back to sub HD textures in PS3/360 days.

  11. Will_Zeph
    Will_Zeph says:

    I have an SSD in my pro. Would that potentially prevent pop-in or mitigate it? I never had the loading issues on last year's Star Wars game. I beat it before even realizing other people had moments where the game would freeze to load.

  12. Larry Autin Jr
    Larry Autin Jr says:

    I wonder if the game texture issue was design like that as a give for older hardware, but to allow it to load instantly on next gen hardware. Like they pre-designed certain load in for PS5, but it cause a delay on ps4 loading cause of the different architecture.

  13. Jam Man
    Jam Man says:

    @13:00 Texture loading in Unreal engies have always existed. This is nothing new. It haooens in every fucking game developed with this engine. Dungeon Defenders and The Last Remnant are perfect examples. Even Unreal 4 games do this.


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