Fiio K5 pro review - powerful but subtle


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2:55 Sound with Takstar Pro 82
4:28 Sound with Hifiman HE4XX
8:54 Compared to some other DACs and AMPs
16:44 Conclusion

Listening setup:

DACs: Burson Playmate, Schiit Modi 3, Lusya Fever, Dragonfly Black
Headphone Amp: Schiit Magni 3
Integrated Amplifier: Cyrus 8vs2
Speakers: KEF LS50
Headphones: HiFiMAN HE-4xx, Takstar Pro 82, Senfer DT6

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  1. skypjuh
    skypjuh says:

    On paper there's quite a difference in output power between the K5 Pro (1.5 Watt @ 32Ohm) and the Topping DX3 (700 mW@32Ohm) which one would you say has more headroom when it comes to driving high impedance cans ? And which one does it the 'cleanest' ?


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