FiFine K670B USB Microphone Unboxing, Overview and Test with iPhone and iPad


FiFine K670B USB Microphone Unboxing, Overview and Test with iPhone and iPad

In this video, I unbox a new USB microphone and test it with the iPhone and iPad. Plus I play a little Ukulele to compare it with the iPhones built in mic.

FiFine k670B

Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Connection Kit

Rode VideoMicro

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Equipment Used
Panasonic G7

iConnectAudio4+ for Sound routing

Audio Record with Zoom H4nPro

Edited in Final Cut Pro



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  1. NomadApe
    NomadApe says:

    Great vid! Is there any microphone you would recommend which does have a USB monitoring output? (as this one should have)
    Also, this one seems to pick up a lot of the surrounding sounds of the room. What kind of microphone would be best for recording only what’s right in front of it? (like for singing inside)

  2. J.A. Miller
    J.A. Miller says:

    I thought the same thing about ASMR when I saw someone else's video. Just because it's a condenser doesn't mean you can get that binaural effect needed for ASMR. But man, for the price, that sounded pretty good.


    That's true about the left and right sound, it's mono mic so even you can hear mic audio on both ears but they will sound exactly the same. And correct about the monitoring when device doesn't have headphone jack.

  4. Jim Shannon on Sounds
    Jim Shannon on Sounds says:

    I bought the Rode lav mic for the same price for the iPhone. I didn't tamper with the monitor in Audio share. Something else to tinker around with. I like the stand, mic looks good. For the same price as my Rode lav. I might have to get this, thanks.

  5. Perry Pelican
    Perry Pelican says:

    Do you still use an iconnectaudio4+? If so, have you ever done a tutorial for it? Its such a cool interface but might be intimidating for a beginner. It can do so much more than any other interfaces in that price range, as far as I know, especially the midi capabilities. I remember when I got mine, I had so much fun hooking up every possible controller and make it easy to switch from one configuration to another. Do you think that most people who buy one, use the default configuration. I use mine with a windows 10 laptop and an iPad Pro 12.9, 1st Gen.
    Thanks for yet another useful video.
    Have fun.


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