Feiyu-Tech G6 3 Axis Action Camera Gimbal (GoPro) : REVIEW & Sample Footage!


The latest Feiyu-Tech G6 Handheld steady Gimbal is a solid performing stabiliser for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4/5/6 and even the latest Hero 7 cameras. It doesn’t stop there – ANY action camera of a similar size is completely compatible!!
Incorporating 3 axis stabilisation across the pitch, roll and pan axis, along with a variety of different shooting modes and the ability to remotely connect and control the attached GoPro, the Feiyu-Tech G6 looks like it could be the professional videographers dream tool!

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UK: https://amzn.to/2XrBt97
US: https://amzn.to/2GqGfwL

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  1. Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin says:

    Good review but you fail to mention the elephant in the room….audio. It's unusable. I tried it with the mic adaptor & a Rode external mic attached to the gimbals side but the connecting lead often effects the gimbals smooth movements. I also tried a Saramonic mini mic plugged straight into the mic adaptor but you still get the motor noises. I've since attached a Zoom Hn1 mic to the gimbal, miles better though you can still hear the motors. Finally, I've ordered (& am waiting for) a shock mount & am hoping that will work.

    Also, the small charging lead refuses to work & I know I'm not alone in this + the G6 regularly refuses to connect to the GoPro. The G6 itself is brilliant but there's still a way to go yet to make a user friendly experience.

  2. tonyvdb2011
    tonyvdb2011 says:

    Just a warning to everyone, DO NOT UPDATE the firmware on these gimbals from Feiyutech, very few people have success with it either doing it through USB or the app it almost always bricks the gimbal. Ask me how I know….


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