External storage support on Lightning devices? — iPadOS 13 on iPad Air 2


A video dedicated to external storage support on Lightning devices, demoed on my iPad Air 2. Featuring:
– Lightning to USB 3 dongle: https://kit.com/fjordstrom/ipad-utilities/apple-lightning-to-u
– SanDisk Dual Ultra: https://kit.com/fjordstrom/ipad-pro-utilities/1896972-sandisk-sdddc2-032g-
– Trust Wireless Mouse: https://kit.com/fjordstrom/ipad-pro-utilities/trust-wireless-mouse
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– iPadOS 13 beta 1 review: https://youtu.be/C9XSshzfxJ4
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  1. Dave Uroz
    Dave Uroz says:

    Dude can you help me with something? I just bought that dual ultra SanDisk stick that everyone is using with its iPad Pro and does not seem to work. Did you do something to be able to read it? It just had two files for the Android app and a PDF but I cannot read it, latest iPadOS version running in an iPad Pro 12.9. Thanks a lot for your information!

  2. Daniel Gendron
    Daniel Gendron says:

    I am using a third-party lightning cable and a powered USB hub (in which I plugged my WD HDD drive) then I connect the hub to the lightning cable and I have my 5 TG Hard-Drive accessible on my iPad. The HD and the iPad can be powered independently! Works great! PS it’s better if the HD is Fat32 format.

  3. ucruci2
    ucruci2 says:

    I have a 2019 iPad 10.2 with lightning connector and a 3rd party dongle. NONE of my hard drives and thumb drives would work, even with lightning cable connected. So I am now forced to order the Apple camera connector featured on this video. Good ole Apple. They should have made this CLEAR at the event, could have saved time and hassle for many of us. As for YouTube influencers, they are ALL using shiny expensive iPad Pro with USB C. No wonder they are not having any problem connecting external devices.

  4. Ben Frank
    Ben Frank says:

    The key to making all those hard drives work is to connect a powered USB hub. With that, iOS 13 supports multiple simultaneous external drives both ssd and otherwise. That’s why your camera adapter works when you connect the charger to the lightning port on it. The iPad reads the adapter as a powered hub and lets the drives through. RocYe covers this extensively. Even a self-powered HDD works. Also, if you have a high capacity external charger you can connect that to the camera adapter and it’ll power the external drives as well.

  5. Robert Thornton
    Robert Thornton says:

    This did not work for me. Bought the kit, updated the I pad and no use. Always get the same "item uses too much power"message even with the lightning connected and power on ??!!!!!. Can anyone get this working with I pad air 2 and the very latest update ??

  6. tokwnk
    tokwnk says:

    I used the Ipad air 2019 following the set up in the video and directly read the video from the memory stick, I found that the video was seriously lag.

  7. norber to
    norber to says:

    No matter how much a try on my iPad Pro 10.5, using the USB Apple adapter, external power and the SanDisk 2tb SSD, it is not show on the iPad Files. I can only see a 8tb thumb drive. Any suggetion? How can I troubleshoot? It is possible than I have a damaged adapter, just acquired from Walmart?

  8. Gary Strumolo
    Gary Strumolo says:

    OK, here is the full story. You need to know only two words: power and format. And you need to have only two pieces of hardware: the adapter shown and a powered USB hub. Let’s start with power. Many videos have shown that if you plug in a USB stick into the adapter you also need to plug in power to the adapter.Yes and no. If you configure it this way then yes, you do. But if you plug in the USB hub into the adapter and then plug in the stick into the hub you do not! The iPad will power the hub and the stick will work perfectly without it. Now an HDD requires more power than what the (lightning) iPad can provide, and some even need more than plugging in power to the adapter can provide. This is where having a powered hub comes in. The powered hub will provide enough power to spin the drive and enable it to be read by the iPad.

    But we see that some HDDs don’t work. Why is that? The second word I mentioned is format. If your drive was formatted on a Windows machine, it most likely was formatted as NTFS (a proprietary Microsoft format). This will not work at all, probably never will (an Apple person told me that if Apple didn’t accommodate that format for the past 7 years for their MacBooks they would probably never do it for the iPads). You need to have the drive formatted as exFAT, a format recognized by both Apple and Microsoft. Your stick and SSD work because they are formatted this way to begin with,

    So do yourself a favor and get a powered hub and make sure all your storage media are formatted as exFAT. Then everything will work perfectly! I’ve attached a stick and a Seagate HDD onto the hub and both popped up perfectly on my 2nd gen iPad Pro (with lightning port). You need to power the hub ONLY if you want to read mechanical drives, or if you want to additionally provide power to the iPad at the same time. Most powered hubs also have a power out port which you can use to plug into the adapter, so you only need one power outlet to plug into! And the hubs come in 4, 7 or more USB ports, so you can attach as many as you want at the same time!

    Remember, provide enough power only if the devices need power and make sure the formatting is exFAT. And you will have no issues at all!

  9. M. Riza E
    M. Riza E says:

    Great video!!! Really informative indeed. So to be clear the video was using an iPad Air 2 to test all the external drives. But what about for a 2016 iPad Pro 9.7" with the lightning connector? Will the set up be the same as in using the lame camera dongle? And will a normal external power required to make a USB flash drive appear on the Files App?


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