EVGA Nu Audio Review: Audiophile Internal Card in 2019??


Check out my review of the EVGA x Audio Note UK Nu Audio! How does it stack up against onboard/internal/external dac/amps??
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37 replies
  1. Dazzorm
    Dazzorm says:

    Does it work with Ryzen 3rd gen CPU ? Edit:( Yes new drivers v0.2.0.7 )
    i have problem with my old asus STX II : with the 3rd gen Ryzen. no new drivers from asus,
    So i guess i am ending up buying a EVGA Nu Audio Thanks to you BadSeed Tech

  2. Zekoo
    Zekoo says:

    Super keen to get one of these even more so after watching your review, I have a set of 6XX so perfect that you were using it with, also really liked that you mentioned at the start you don't use speakers to save some peoples time.
    Its $458 NZD here, so think I will save up and get one because I really want to get the best out of these 6XX!

  3. cliff hulsey
    cliff hulsey says:

    i know you said you didnt have hd58x during this to review but have you tried them yet if so how was it? i have a pair and use onboard audio just seeing if it is worth it.

  4. VPXM
    VPXM says:

    Yup, and that's exactly what I was looking for, when I picked it up. I know it's expensive, but running FL studio 20 with KRK active speakers from my tower… it's a perfect pick for my desktop set up.

    Good review man. Thank you 👍

  5. Johnnie Böje
    Johnnie Böje says:

    Man, i've been serching for amps and dacs for like a week now, no one have actually said anything useful, until now. Man first video i've watched with you, and many more to come, thanks man, im getting this sound card! love from Sweden

  6. KillTyrant
    KillTyrant says:

    Currently $199.99 in the US. Using his associate code GDVVARR8YL8P1WZ will drop it down to $179.99 (tax not included). They recently updated the software to include alot of things he pointed out that were lacking. Im thinking I might get this.

  7. xXYannuschXx
    xXYannuschXx says:

    My biggest problem with this card: no virtual surround option. I simply cannot play games in plain Stereo anymore, pinpointing enemies without surround is absolutely impossible for me.
    I guess I will stay with my AE-5, Creative really improved their virtual surround system on this generation.

  8. Tom Harskamp
    Tom Harskamp says:

    Well does this card. Still will get a lot of interference from your gpu. It will distort your mic and send signals to your Team Speak or w/e you use for communication. I had several sound card and GPU. They distort. So if you try this Be sure to shield your sound card.

  9. joe C
    joe C says:

    im not much of a headphone guy YET but based on this review i subbed to your channel.i love high end audio and recently went back to 2 channel system
    in my home stereo(i could have bought a car for the set up i have now)im going to add this card to my next pc build soon..i appreciate what you do here thanks alot!! if i use the adapter to go in to single channel do i still get 2 channel stereo separation..i also have a subwoffer on my pc..i particularly do not care about 5.1…what headphones are hanging in the background? if you were to add speakers to your rig what ones would you pick?

  10. Kiyoko
    Kiyoko says:

    I bought this audio card for my new rig. But I'm unsure of what headphones to buy. What would you reccomend to experience the best of this card while using it for games?


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