Elder Scrolls VI - The Dwemer Invasion (New Technology, Story, Info & Valenwood Location?)


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Today we discuss the Dwemer return, revenge and invasion in Elder Scrolls 6 or ES6. We go over the history and lore of the dwemer, while also discussing the potential threat they could pose in the Elder Scrolls VI for the possible main factions The Imperials and The Thalmor. We also go over how a Valenwood location would fit into this story line and what new weapons, armor, and technology (Sky Battle Ships?) they could bring into the upcoming title. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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28 replies
  1. Pr0tip
    Pr0tip says:

    I would love for the dwemer to return, they are my favorite race and I wish more was known about them. If they returned i would want them to return for good and not become "extinct" again. And to have their own province with new buildings and shit, but that's all my own dreams haha

  2. SFxTAGG3
    SFxTAGG3 says:

    So you know how the Dwemer were the most technologically advanced race in Tamriel? Why isn't Dwemer armor the best or close to the best armor in Skyrim? I don't know about the other games because I haven't played them. But you'd think a race that has mastered the power of steam and magic-infused technology would have really strong armor.

  3. Tiger Smith
    Tiger Smith says:

    I agree with some of the comments that the Dwemer have no cause for revenge, but something everyone seems to be overlooking (now, I didn't read all the comments, so I may be wrong) is the Falmer. It was flat out stated in the Dawnguard DLC that the race was becoming smarter, more cunning. Slowly developing, if not back into Snow Elves, then at least into a new reasoning race.
    If Elder Scrolls 6 is set even as little as 50 years after Skyrim, the Falmer could have made a tremendous leap… NOW add the return of the Dwemer. In the middle of a second Great War.

  4. Michał Laszuk
    Michał Laszuk says:

    I really like the idea of the Dwemer returning, but one thing just seems a little bit off. When Dwemer disappeared, they might've actually succeded in their bid to ascent into immortality and transcended into a higher form of existence. Nerevar and his buddies unknowingly could've helped them to achieve it, by making Kagrenac use the heart in the act of desperation. I think that if Dwemer would reappear they would side with the Dunmer, who are now practically the most struggling race in Tamriel.

  5. Bad Ass
    Bad Ass says:

    I think elderscrolls six may have either an invasion of avikiar the other continent of nirn like a second imperial invasion of avikiar or a invasion of tamerial by the races of avikiar

  6. Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel says:

    nah I'd like to see an Akaviri invasion in the middle of a aldmeri/Imperial war like both side have been fighting for years the dragonborn disappeared and while both sides are weakened the Serpent-folk that keeps invading massacres both armies and continuing with the prisoner turned protagonist plot of the elder scrolls games you are in a Akaviri Prisoner of War camp and are gonna be executed but a small resistance Raiding party breaks you out and you begin liberating valenwood only for a powerful threat to rear it's head towards Nirn and that threat could be (just thinking off the top of my head so please no hate) SITHIS or something it would be an amazing gameplay

  7. Jose C
    Jose C says:

    i will like to see a dwemer    besides you forgot to include that there is a ghost dwemer in Morrowind     i suposse the Thalmor want to do something with an Elder Scroll like make humanity dissapear but instead they make the Dwemer return

  8. SurfinZerg
    SurfinZerg says:

    imagine this, you start of in elderscrolls 6 in valenwood, the empire has fallen to the aldmeri dominion and you can either play as an elf in the aldmeri army (ofcourse you'd get higher ranks and stuff there) fighting the still remaining resitance. or you could be an elf but fight with the resistance. if you're an elf you will always be a suspect that you might be a spy (which you could be) until you really prove yourself. or you can pick a humanoid race and just vice versa. then in like the middle of the story the dwemer come back and it will be a war between 3 factions, now say you are the resistance, you could possibly call for a truce with the dominion to deal with the dewmer or you could side with the dwemer to kill the dominion or you can kill them both. ofcourse the story would have way more richness than what I just described. but I think it would be really cool. also when you complete the game (have atleast one save with the main quest line completed) you can start a new game but this time chose to play as a dewmer and play from their perspective. not sure how all this would work out lore wise, I understand it can be difficult moving forward in future games after something like this cause it will be hard to decide what happend in this scenario but I still think this would be really cool even though it probably wouldn't happen.


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