Elago Home Hub Wall Mount Review - Mounting an iPad to your wall?!


Used in this video: iPad Pro 9.7” and dark gray wall mount

Elago Home Hub Wall Mount on Amazon:
Dark Grey: https://windy.link/2JjJ32J
Black: https://windy.link/2vWoO2l
White: https://windy.link/2HtjskF

Compatible with:
iPad Pro – 12.9” 2nd gen
iPad Pro – 10.5”, 9.7” 1st gen
iPad – 5th and 6th gen
iPad Air – 2, 1
iPad mini – 4, 3, 2, 1 (wall pattern doesn’t include guides for iPad mini…you must measure yourself)

Note that this is NOT compatible with the latest generation of iPad Pros, although that would make for a pretty expensive wall mount.

Apple refurbished iPads: https://www.apple.com/shop/refurbished/ipad

Buy a new iPad: https://www.apple.com/ipad/

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  1. kadliwt
    kadliwt says:

    Hey Eric, great review! But I never understand why would you want to do this. You spend thousands on smart home and then you can get up and walk towards the wall mounted ipad to control it. I don’t really see the point, it seems to me that it makes the home less smart. If you need ipad glued to the wall to control your smart home its failing the smart part if you ask me. I don’t see where it makes your life easier than using phone, siri or just leaving the ipad lying around. On the other hand, i must say that it looks super cool.

  2. Bradley Reece
    Bradley Reece says:

    Another good video! Keep them coming.

    I have been thinking about putting my old iPad (MD50LL/A – 4th Gen) up somewhere to be used as a ‘master control’ of sorts. I’m not really finding the motivation to run an additional electrical outlet to a location that would suffice, and I’m not wanting a solution that leaves the power cord exposed.

    But. At $20…this is something I may grab to utilize that old iPad near my garage workbench.

    Off topic question: Do you have suggestions, ideas on Siri command ‘zoned audio’? I tell Siri to play music via my Living Room HomePod very frequently…I’d like to be able to tell her “Hey Siri, play music in the garage (or, whatever room)”, but I don’t feel like dropping the $350/ea on more HomePods. Ideas?

    I’m anxious to see if the rumored HomePod Mini will actually be a thing…if so, I’ll just go that route. Hoping to see some info come out of the next Apple Conference. Fingers crossed.

  3. Shane Whatley
    Shane Whatley says:

    Great video! I have actually thought about adding something like this to my setup as well, but haven't done it yet. Getting other members of the family or friends to "interact" with the smart stuff in the home has been a little challenging, and I've often thought that a screen hub like this might make it easier for them. Do you have other people in your house who use this? If so, what do they think about it? Thanks for the video!

  4. ahale1987
    ahale1987 says:

    Keeping constant power going to charging the battery can cause the battery to prematurely fail. I'd recommend putting a smart-plug on the power-brick and setting up simple time-based automations for charging so you're not charging the ipad 24/7.


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