Editors Keys SL150 Microphone [HD]


This video honors a popular review request of the microphone I use to record voiceover audio for all of my videos. This is a top notch entry level professional studio quality microphone that should get any aspiring YouTuber off on the right foot with crisp audio quality.

Sound check: http://goo.gl/CmYdQ
Product Site: http://goo.gl/jgOyx
Samson MD5: http://goo.gl/Gin6R

Check out their videos: http://youtube.com/EditorsKeys

Twitter: http://goo.gl/wtHF
Facebook: http://goo.gl/TbXC



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  1. Yu Jay
    Yu Jay says:

    Does this have a blue light in the mesh?
    Im looking at reviews for it, and some have a blue light and some don't.. can you turn it off or does it turn on and off or something?

  2. UltimateFTW
    UltimateFTW says:

    I have a blue yeti and it's too sensitive because my keyboard is to loud and I have background noise sometimes so I want a good microphone that's not to sensitive like the blue yeti will this do it?

  3. Joseph Skinner
    Joseph Skinner says:

    I must say that you do exceptionally well at voice-overs and commentaries. Could you please tell me why I might be getting background noise with my SL150? One thing to note is that my SL150 does not look like yours. Mine is one of the newer ones with a round head. Thanks for the advise.

  4. yusuf1608
    yusuf1608 says:

    HI great vid! Quick question though, I recently purchased then returned a AT2020 USB, due to it being way to sibilent for my voice. In your oppinion, is the the SL150 better than the AT2020 or very similar?

  5. Normy
    Normy says:

    @marquesbrownlee so be vocals u dont mean singing u mean vocals in general? and thanks for the help i just wanna be sure im get the better of the two

  6. Seoul Assassin
    Seoul Assassin says:

    I have a zoom h2 mic, but setting it up to work with audio programs has been a big hassle. Not to mention when I put my mic into usb mode (manually) it mutes all the other sounds on my computer.

    Does this mic have any of those problems? Can I just plugin into the usb port and use it like I would a regular mic?

  7. credimstudio
    credimstudio says:

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  8. ComputerTekkie
    ComputerTekkie says:

    Dude, that microphone looks insane! I totally want to get one after Christmas, then it'll be cheaper. It probably sounds a lot better than using a Rock Band mic, lol. 😀

  9. BetaBoxTV
    BetaBoxTV says:

    1:44 100% Bullshit
    This Mic sucks ass
    You can get way more professional studio recording mics for that money.
    Check out the AKG Perception 120 or the Behringer B1.


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