Eden: Minecraft on iPod touch, iPhone, iPad! (App Review)


App Review of Eden World builder.
“Those bereft Minecraft fans out there who lament the iOS Minecraft experience having been but a brief flirtation may be pleased to see Kingly Games’ new release, Eden — World Builder. The game, according to the developer, was inspired by various members of the block building genre, including Minecraft, Infiniminer, and Blockland. And it’s apparent” Quote Via-TouchAracade.com
This game is not by the creators of minecraft.
This app is $3.99 in the appstore.

Download Link to Eden: http://bit.ly/Lt1GMU
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  1. CobaltAzul
    CobaltAzul says:

    If you have Eden, I am starting an Eden top 5. All you have to do it make something, then share it. Name it: To WaterAssassini YouTube, or I might not take it. Thanks if you read this.

  2. Jon Hunwick
    Jon Hunwick says:

    Haha, nooblets. If you didn't realize, this app has been updated a lot since then, and the controls are amazing. And, gerglesgirl, MC itself was a copy of two other games….just pointing that out.


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