ECG/EKG monitor iPhone iPad smartphone & tablet for Android & IOS wearable Bluetooth Holter device


ECG/EKG monitor is design for iPhone, iPad, smartphone & tablet for Android & IOS. Wearable Bluetooth Holter Devices for Cardiac & Heart Rhythm Analysis by pqrst Complex/10-Year-Journey

ECG/EKG App can analyze heart rhythm & pqrst complex in ‘Cardiac‘ & ‘Heart‘ mode.

The device can capture ECG or EKG waveform and run in ‘REAL-TIME’. There is a built-in 16-bit ADC to captures your ECG EKG data. The app will store the data on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet.

iPhone and iPad: The ADC can measure maximum 384 sampling per second (sps).

Android smartphone and tablet: The ADC can measure maximum 512 sampling per second (sps).

It can detect and analyze your abnormal ECG or heart rate. You can send the captured data to your client (e.g. physician, family doctor, members or friends) for further analysis.

The app can measure the followings:-

Beat per minute (bpm)
Beat per second (bps)
Analysis ECG or EKG signals
Heart Rate Variability
Heart Rate Turbulence
ST and QT Analysis
AC/DC Analysis
T-Wave Alternans (TWA)

Users can download the software at Apple Store and Google Market. It is a freeware with lifetime upgrade.

10 Year Journey – Description:-

Created many tiny projects.
Experience accumulated.
R & D are studying and digging.
Difficult to face and to solve.
Eat an apple a day.
Effort put in work.
Hoping to help everyone.
Result is …

Heart Rhythm Analysis

Develop the following tools to analyze ecg/ekg pqrst wave:-
T-Wave Alternans (TWA)
Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Heart Rate Turbulence (HRT)
Deceleration Capacity (DC)
ST Analysis QT Analysis

Official website:

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