DxOMark Smartphone Ratings: Explained!


The truth about DxOMark smartphone ratings. Let’s break it down.

Top 5 Smartphone Cameras – The Blind Test: https://youtu.be/DtmGMcMeEJE

DxO testing protocol: https://dxomark.com/dxomark-mobile-testing-protocol-scores/

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959

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  1. abhishek raj
    abhishek raj says:

    You tell us whom to trust whom to not because tech videos by you and other tech youtubers were taken as grant on the basis of your videos.we people make our phone buying decision on depending upon you people so please be biased .

  2. Stephen Wouw
    Stephen Wouw says:

    Now 1 year later all tech-tubers raving about the pixel 3, and some claimed it to score higher than the pixel 2 and getting on top of the competition.
    Yet the iPhone XR scored an 101 and several weeks after the launch of the pixel 3 and no score.
    We also know that google worked together with DXO mark (paid to get the camera aligned for optimum results for the test) for the pixel 2. So who is eventually stalling here?
    Google because they might not hit their score they wanted or DXO?
    To reference one of your jab at the press.. and some are your mates in the tech YouTube community. They need help! I’m not gonna point and name but it’s the usual suspects that overhyped the Pixel 3.

    Anyway, great job MKBHD as always.

  3. enrico pascual
    enrico pascual says:

    What a shame to reporters who just reports without making any research😂on the subject. That what separates Marques👍and his quality works👍😎😘cool ,direct and full of substance.

  4. Scott Clewlow
    Scott Clewlow says:

    This doesn't make complete sense to me… DxOmark give the samsung s9+ a higher still camera score (104) than the pixel 2 (99), but when you break down the scores, especially when you assumed the ranking is weighted top to bottom, it beats the S9+ in 6 of the 9 catergories. Especially when this is the 'top' exposure & contrast, colour, autofocus &Texture. Losing reasonably on noise. Better on Artifacts and flash. losing significantly in zoom and slightly in bokeh. Looking at the scores numerically, there seems to be a slight better score in every catergory that it wins, but a significant loss in zoom and noise (which presumably they weigh rather high?) , and a slight better score in Bokeh. However from many reviews I have read and seen, rate the pixel 2 XL as the king of android photos. The mad thing is that they have rated the Mate 10 pro as an overal score of 100, beating the pixel 2! which once again lose in the same 3 catergories mentioned bove, which leads me to suggest teh weighting isnt from the top down… I am also looking at the P20 pro, which seems to trump the pixel 2 XL in every catergory on paper, however from the reviews/blind tests I have seen online, it doesn't seem to impress me as much. Unless the p20 Pro is more of an enthusiast camera, who like to tweak photos with manual settings (yes I would like to do this), while there maybe other options which are better, 'point & shoot' cameras.

  5. Nocifer
    Nocifer says:

    Uh… I have a p20 pro and compare it with my dad's S9+ all the time… Tbh… I don't think that DxO mark thing does justice to what consumers actually look for in smartphone photography cuz from actual testing the S9+ is the same and sometimes even better than my P20 pro so…


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