Duet Display IOS Apple App iPad Pro and Surface Book Demonstration


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CoachCWC shows you how to use the Duet Display IOS app on the new iPad Pro and Surface Book.

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23 replies
  1. ABRwtfBBQ
    ABRwtfBBQ says:

    When you drag a window to the iPad can you type on that side using your computer still? Also do you have to buy the app twice? Once for the tablet and once for the computer?

  2. Skint Camera
    Skint Camera says:

    I have a surface 3. Downloaded and installed duet display on iPad Pro and the surface. It does not work. iPad will not mirror or extend surface screen. Attempted to use photoshop on surface mirrored on iPad screen. Screen simply went blank. And just try finding any info on this issue on the duet website. Might work on a Mac but junk on Windows. It also messed up my display drivers. Look up threads on Reddit and you can see it doesn't work with surface pro 4 either. They should put a disclaimer on their website.

  3. Hiroshi Ishikawa
    Hiroshi Ishikawa says:

    Don't install Duet Display on Sufrace Book with dedicated GPU. There is a driver conflict causing your GPU stops working (integrated GPU still works). This means that you cannot play games with good FPS as you are stuck with the integrated GPU. Uninstalling Duet Display solved the problem for me. I confirmed the reproducibility of this issue on multiple Surface Book with dedicated GPU.

  4. Shaifullah Al Ahad
    Shaifullah Al Ahad says:

    Not secondary, is it possible to make my iPad Pro as a primary monitor with my laptop? My laptop display is very low regulation, so I want to make my iPad Pro as a Primary display! Is it possible?

  5. Chad Christian
    Chad Christian says:

    You are very welcome. Glad you liked it. Yes with the Duet Display I don't feel like I am stuck in my office anymore. It's just fun to have both systems with you during the day. Please click the subscribe button for more videos!


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