DSLR Camera Remote Control on Android Tablet, DSLR Dashboard, Nexus 10, Canon Camera, OTG Host Cable


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http://FranksTechHelp.com – This video covers the basics of remote viewing and shooting using a Canon camera along with a Nexus 10 Tablet, an OTG micro USB cable and the DSLR Dashboard software. The software is free to download in the Google Play store. The main component that you will need is the OTG USB Host Cable for your specific tablet model, available on eBay. (No Root Required)



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  1. PusabumCanuck
    PusabumCanuck says:

    You field to mention that a DLSR must have a micro usb port that supports a cable remote function. If remote function is not supported (such as the Sony a330), do not bother with this video. QDSLR Dashboard as it is now called, it seems, is no longer free of any kind (about US $12 as of now) and it works with (most) Sony.

  2. PCHCP
    PCHCP says:

    Always for Canon but never  for Sony New Alpha line. Developers, you want to make money? Then start create apps like this for all DSLR's

  3. TandRVideos
    TandRVideos says:

    Hi, i have a problem with this software when i plug my dslr and open the software it doesn't work. It stay's at that home screen where it say 'Search for USB camera' etc. I have a sony a58 and a asus transformer. Help me please!

  4. MrEye4get
    MrEye4get says:

    I found an OTG cable for $10 which is useful when the USB terminal is not a standard mini-B USB, such as on Nikon D5000, D5100, D5200 and D800. I decided to go with the WU-1a to forgo the whole wired thing.  Works perfectly once you uninstall the Nikon WMU app (or force it to close).  Seems the app is always running and interferes with DSLR Dashboard's WiFi connection. 


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