Droid X Unboxing [HD]


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  1. Jaysann22
    Jaysann22 says:

    This was my very first Android smartphone. And damn! Was I blown away at that time. Coming from old school brick Nokia's working my way up eventually to a few Blackberry devices to finally achieve a truly awesome experience with Android. I even remember that all my co-workers were constantly blabbering along about smartphones and their awesomeness. I had always remained skeptical and hesitant. Especially when it came to price. Always thinking "Could these so called smartphones be all THAT much cooler than my Blackberry Pearl??"

    And then a close co-worker back then showed me his HTC Incredible. And allowed me some time with it to play with it. I was then IMMEDIATLY hooked. I just HAD to get one. But as my doubt faded my hesitance still somewhat remained….. Until I started hearing about the Droid X. How it was the next upcoming Android powerhouse. The legendary Droid X was said to be highly advanced and a huge leap in the next step in Android evolution. The amazing Droid X was said to be the Droid Incredible Killer and direct competitor to the iconic Apple iPhone.

    ALL my doubt, skepticism, and hesitance quickly melted away and I became truly anxious and excited. Soon after I became determined to get my hands on one. I went out and dumped my pathetic AT&T Blackberry Pearl and signed up with Verizon to snag a Droid X. I LOVED that damn thing and have been hooked with Android ever since.

  2. Mind Seed TV
    Mind Seed TV says:

    So I decided to come back and take a look how you started. You have seriously come a long way and I admire you for that in hopes that I can do the same one day. My channel just recently launched but I am very passionate about becoming one of the best youtube reviewers. We all start somewhere. You've made great progress and that is inspiring to future up and comers such as myself. Thanks for what you do


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