Driving a Tesla Model 3! [Auto Focus Ep. 1]


Hands-on with the newest, least expensive Tesla electric car!
Auto Focus || Episode 1 || Tesla Model 3!

Tracks by Jordyn Edmonds: https://soundcloud.com/jordynedmonds

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959
Tech I’m using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e


Car provided by Tesla for video.



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  1. Daniel Filippus
    Daniel Filippus says:

    I never understood why they made the screen UI so weak. Just crank it up 10 fold beyond any current software and make sure that any future update will not ever slow it down.

  2. Jeff Tse
    Jeff Tse says:

    Awesome videos! I initially got to your channel from my Tesla research but finding so many of the tech reviews super relevant and useful. Thanks!

  3. DvnRz
    DvnRz says:

    I'm always a fan of minimalism in cars but having everything in just one screen seems too much I feel some buttons could serve better purposes than just being all in one spot

  4. Backyard Pioneer
    Backyard Pioneer says:

    I have a Model 3 long range all wheel drive and it is by far the best vehicle I have ever driven! It is several levels of magnitude better than any other car i have ever been in. It has exceeded my expectations and even surprised me on several fronts. For example I had a false belief that it might be inconvenient to charge a car instead of stopping and getting gas at a "convenience" store. It is the opposite. It's so easy, saves me time, keeps me from spilling stinking, toxic gasoline on my clothes and hands and I am taking money away from an industry that is pushing it's costs off on the health care industry. I installed a solar array before I purchased the car and also installed a 240 volt outlet. It is so much easier and literally takes 5 seconds for 98 percent of my charges. The super charging network is also very good and the V3 super charger is going to once again change everything forever!!!


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