Dragon Touch X10 II 10-inch Octa-Core Tablet Review


The Dragon Touch X10 II has an impressive 10″ IPS widescreen display making it great for games and movies. Find it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1THRz71



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  1. blue280485
    blue280485 says:

    Nice review 👍 I think 2GB RAM Nougat version of this tablet will be really useful, at that price point, for Mavic 2 and Mavic Enterprise for commercial drone operations as it has 'Micro HDMI' out.. 👏

  2. Aznee
    Aznee says:

    Will this tablet run the following games at 60 fps
    1 knives out pubg style game
    2 rules of survival another pubg like game/clone
    3 critical ops
    4 mc5? Maybe not
    Asphalt 8 airborne ultra or high settings
    All games at high to ultra and yes all games are for mobile

  3. Robert T. Johnson
    Robert T. Johnson says:

    On my copy the sound is very low, I have increased the volume as far as it will go with no success and when connecting a headset to the headset port, I must pull the plug out a bit for the sound to work. Any suggestions?

  4. chris mcdonald
    chris mcdonald says:

    I am looking for a tablet to use at school. I want something that I can take notes directly on PDF's and PPT formats. I was wondering if this tablet would work for that.

  5. bexy rae
    bexy rae says:

    Can I please make a request for a video? I'm trying to find a gamepad for this thing (Bluetooth or not). I'm mainly wanting to play Minecraft PE but I'm confident I can get it to work if any are just compatible with the X10. I've only tried an Xbox controller with a cord and X10 didn't recognise it at all. There is absolutely no info on this. I don't wanna keep buying controllers that don't work with it lol I'm a broke bitch!

  6. NPOLE Services
    NPOLE Services says:

    Hello Sir!This is Frank writing from UnisCom on Amazon. Would you mind telling me your mail address? We hope to work with you on our new tablet UnisCom N716. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance!

  7. Mark Kuehnel
    Mark Kuehnel says:

    well lucky you. I'd prefer a Samsung over the piece of crap they sent me anytime .and to be honest you probably would too . I'm replying to on a Samsung tab 4 10. I bought off eBay for only 150. 00 . MUCH BETTER PURCHASE.

  8. Epic zone
    Epic zone says:

    I got a problem with the screen! I have to use the front camera top part in the botton! it look like is inverted, what can i do to solve that problem?

  9. Mark Kuehnel
    Mark Kuehnel says:

    Buy a Samsung or iPad. I know they cost more but you get what you pay for . I've had nothing but problems , constantly freezes up. speaker is CRAP . I wanted to like it .the display is not bad. its just frustrating that it keeps freezing up .and Buyer Beware of Tablet Express, they will rip u off. all I get from them is the run around. if the x10 I received worked half as good as the reviews .I'd be fine. But never again will I waist money on a budget tablets.


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