Dope Tech: Custom LED Clock!


A connected pixel clock with an app for custom control!
LaMetric TIME clock:
Krystal Key’s Video:

Video Gear I use:




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  1. Suzanna haupt
    Suzanna haupt says:

    In this video, when he said it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, I hoped he was a going to talk about sound quality. If you guys have one of these, leave a reply on how good the speaker sounds.

  2. Matt Sterling
    Matt Sterling says:

    I would never buy something like this. Last time I paid 120 bucks for a Phillips dock that worked with an app then when Apple updated the IOS it stopped working and Phillips didn't update the firmware so it became obsolete in under a year.

  3. J3TPILOT1991
    J3TPILOT1991 says:

    was expecting $30-$40 or maybe a few $ more, but $200. Might just stick to nothing until these are all over the place and cheaper but quality brands too….


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