Dope Tech: Boosted Board 2!


Boosted Board 2 is out! My impressions of the new electric skateboard!

Sam’s Boosted Board 2 Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Hocus Pocus – Conscient (Instrumental)




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  1. Jonathan Vaucher
    Jonathan Vaucher says:

    When you say 99W and 199W battery, I'm guessing you meant 99Wh and 199Wh. We're talking battery capacity here, not power which are two completely different things. Same goes for the difference between A and Ah…

  2. francisco zamora
    francisco zamora says:

    this is not a question about boosted board. i´ve heard boosted is really good…so do you have a good option (cheaper)? meepo? verreal? koowheel? inboard?juiced? etc, etc?? regards

  3. evan lutner
    evan lutner says:

    I'm waiting for them to come out with a waterproof product, literally the only thing keeping me from buying it. I'm from Portland Oregon so rain is definitely an issue😬

  4. Lokra
    Lokra says:

    The advantage is you use less energy??? Isn't the point of the skateboarding to be like a sport? Its not safe, much better buy a bycicle, rather than encouraging the young brainwashed population to stop doing sports.


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