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Here’s my hands on review and unboxing of the Anker Liberty 2 Pro. They’re budget true wireless earbuds that promise top notch sound quality and expansive soundstage. But can they really deliver audiophile level sound at an affordable price? Does the sound quality live up to the hype? And why would I tell you guys not to buy these? Subscribe to mrkwd tech for more videos: 👈🏻

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Anker Liberty 2 Pro:


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13 replies
  1. Edwin Sneed
    Edwin Sneed says:

    I listened to your review with the L2Ps and I’m still satisfied. At the price point, I can tolerate the hiss which is minimal. I have purchased quite a few TWS earbuds and these are the best hands down even with the minimal hiss.

  2. Clark Yap
    Clark Yap says:

    Thanks for another great review. Perhaps do a comparison review on Jabra Elite 75T and Jaybird Vista? I have Jaybird Vista but disappointed with its volume level. Vista just can't get loud enough. Would love your review on Jabra Elite 75T to see if it's better than Vista. TIA

  3. Adilson Pires
    Adilson Pires says:

    Mine has no hiss at all. You should maybe talk to soundcore first . Giving it 4 stars and not recommend the product just rating 4 stars was harsh. You forgot that this is made for listening music in first place and the rest is garbage marketing…. in my opinion all the TW in the market that comes with all the gizmos e features forget the main purpose…music.

    TK BRAYER says:

    Mine have no hiss and many other reviewers have said they also didn’t have any. I think you have a defective pair which is a knock on their quality control. I love mine, but sound and most of the items are subjective

  5. Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones says:

    I own these air buds . i tried the sennheiser true wireless and master abd dynamic mw07 and i returned both and kept soundcore lib 2 pro . the sound of the more expensive was not worth the once compare to the liberty.. If you want best sound and dont care much about extras then look no further as for the hiss , i barely hear it but when listening to music its moot point no hiss…all top you tube reviewer love these and so do i…

  6. alien
    alien says:

    Thank you for a detail review and especially to include the mic test, since nowadays mic one most important factor to decide a good earphones for mobile phone.

  7. Boston Man
    Boston Man says:

    Yes I feel that you are over reacting. I don’t hear a hiss at all, but your pair might be defective. Go on the app and update the firmware as this may help as a bug fix. You didn’t even mention the ability to do the hearing test to customize your own sound. I have no connection to Anker but I love mine. I paid $69 for mine. I think your review was harsh and they are always too long. Shorten them up and lose the smugness in your voice and you will have a better channel. We shall see in 2020 if you can take constructive criticism to improve.


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