Don't Buy the WRONG Keyboard Case for your iPad in 2020!


With so many changes to Apple’s iPad lineup recently, there are now new keyboard cases becoming available. Don’t make these buying mistakes!
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Things have changed in the Apple iPad world, including the release of the 2020 iPad Pro and the massive iPadOS software features that have been added recently.

With the new cursor and mouse support in iPadOS 13.4, there are a lot of new keyboard cases coming soon which pack built-in trackpad, allowing you to use your iPad like a laptop!

In this video, we compare the difference between the trackpad cases, the non-trackpad cases and Apple keyboard cases to give you advice on which one you should buy for your specific use-case!

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36 replies
  1. Max Tech
    Max Tech says:

    Which Keyboard case do you plan on buying for your iPad? Explain your choice in the comments!
    Links to all of the different keyboard case options for the iPad Pro, the 10.2" iPad and the iPad Air are in the video description!
    The Best Keyboard Case ever made (Amazon) ➡

  2. EDC Gadgets
    EDC Gadgets says:

    The 12.9” magic keyboard is 400€ in the EU which is ridiculous. I could buy a full laptop for that price. I just bought the iPad but I wait for some reviews. I don’t like that the iPad isn’t protected in apples folios, I’m planning getting a CoverBuddy. But some reports say the magnets are reduced in strength, which might be a problem with the floating iPad on the magic keyboard…

  3. FireTackleTiger
    FireTackleTiger says:

    Cool video 👍🏼 However, how good is the use of the Apple Magic Keyboard with the Apple pencil… Must i put my IPad out of the Magic Keyboard Case if i wanna write like on paper? Keep on going with these super videos your helping me a lot 👍🏼

  4. Lee
    Lee says:

    My big question with the Magic Keyboard is I have a screen protector on my 2020 iPad Pro and it is very easy to tell I have increased the weight of the iPad by what feels like 20%. Will the magic keyboard be able to articulate and hold onto the iPad with the screen protector?

  5. Chung Kai Man
    Chung Kai Man says:

    The magic keyboard case should have
    1- 2 usb c at both side, what it I want to change and the others side ? Of course the usb c are at the other side, but, this is quite high.

    2- function key. Since the iPad Pro will be more higher this now (compare to the foil keyboard case). If people hate Touch Bar, they will hate the a keyboard with out function key more !

  6. Murzik Line
    Murzik Line says:

    In russia apple's keyboard case with trackpad costs from 400$ and ipad pro is 1000$.
    While Logitech one for Air costs about 170$, and Air itself is 600$. So, there is no question, what to buy.

  7. Chris R
    Chris R says:

    The videos on this channel are put together and presented so well, and are so informative, I feel like I come away from every one feeling more educated on the stuff being discussed! More importantly, I feel better prepared as a consumer to make sure I make the right decisions when purchasing tech with my hard earned $$$.

  8. Bo Zhao
    Bo Zhao says:

    The major leap of iPad Pro is from 2017 to 2018, the first gen 11’ iPad Pro . Besides, the iPad OS 13.4 is a major major breakthrough to productivity for all iPad devices as long as it is updatable to the latest iPad OS version. I just traded in my 2018 for the new 2020 iPad Pro in order to get WiFi 6 support. if you don’t care about WiFi 6 and camera update, just stay on with your 2018 iPad Pro. I never thought iPad Pro can replace my MacBook. I use my iPad Pro as a second portable device and for ‘light ‘ duty productivity use. With iPad OS, iPad becomes capable of very entertainment and light duty productivity device in a ultra portability style.

  9. iKazed
    iKazed says:

    I really hope Logitech will create one like that new one for the 10.2 and 10.5 model with a trackpad for the Pro models. It looks like an Alcantara cover on Surface Pros, therefore it looks really good. That said, there's a lot more aesthetically unpleasing compromises needed like for the Pencil there needs to be a large segment that's open such as on the actual keyboard case for the current 11" and 12.9" models. That said, I'm considering getting the Magic Keyboard, because I want the trackpad and the physical keyboard. I have a Slim Folio keyboard that came with the bundle I got with my 3rd gen 12.9, and while it's perfectly usable, it is not great for writing which is definitely a use case I have for the iPad. It's also annoying when trying to undo it from the side magnets…often times it knocks the back cover off its magnet and it's just a hassle.

  10. elenchus
    elenchus says:

    i just wish that the magic keyboard came in a few colors. i could totally see myself having a black one and a white one, maybe also a more fun color. that's what i did with my surface pro

  11. Tony Ward
    Tony Ward says:

    Oddly the new 2020 iPadPro 12.9” Folio Keyboard plus the Magic Trackpad 2 is cheaper to buy than the announced but unavailable Magic Keyboard . Whilst the Magic Keyboard includes the backlit keyboard from the MacBook Pro the Trackpad is located at the bottom closest to the user. Not sure I want to type over the Trackpad. Equally having the Trackpad as a separate unit to one side is convenient. Time will tell.

  12. Erik Weimer
    Erik Weimer says:

    THANK YOU GUYS!!!! I currently have the 10.5" iPad Pro and because of your vid I'll definitely upgrade my keyboard case to the Logitech Combo Touch case. That's exactly what I need! Trackpad and the perfect keyboard combo. Boom!


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