DIGITAL NOTE TAKING 101 | GoodNotes + OneNote Tips for iPad/Laptop


In today’s video, I’m sharing some digital note taking tips for GoodNotes and OneNote (both on the iPad Pro and on a laptop)….I’m also answering some common questions I get about digital note taking! So if you’re a university/college student, consider this a digital note taking 101…if you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below! I really enjoyed my experience with going paperless in my last semester of university, so this was a fun one for me to put together. Question for the day: do you go digital for any aspect of your note taking in school?

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  1. corbett coburn
    corbett coburn says:

    Ideally, you should never take notes in a lecture. You should go to class prepared and ONLY write down information you don't already know. That way you can actually listen to what the instructor is saying.

  2. Richthesizzler 94
    Richthesizzler 94 says:

    Your video is amazing.♥️Well I also do love onenote365 for taking notes,but 1 that make me not really convenient is when we want to print out the notes,one notes doesn’t have any boundaries for paper size

  3. Ellie t
    Ellie t says:

    My iPad was being repaired so I took noted on paper, and kept trying to zoome in on it and draw wanky boxed, expecting them to snap into perfekt rektangles

  4. Louise P
    Louise P says:

    Hey! i was just wondering how you were able to have your downloaded fonts in your onenote – i've also downloaded stuff from dafont and its showing up on my microsoft word but not on my onenote 🙁

  5. MikSofa :3
    MikSofa :3 says:

    if you find your hand writing sloppy i suggest using goodnotes bc it has a zoom box function (in which you basically write in a zoomed up box) which allows u to micromanage your handwriting

  6. A T
    A T says:

    After my first semester at college I went to take all of my notes on my iPad and I have no regrets, yes it’s expensive, but it is so much easier. There’s no papers falling out of binders or note books, I can write on slides, I can record my lectures and take pictures and add them right in the notes, plus I the iPad is small light and convenient

  7. OlioOlya
    OlioOlya says:

    Thank you for the video! I just got Lenovo Flex, but it is kinds slow in a tablet mode. So I'm thinking about sending it back. Have you had any issues with it? Also, what program do you use to record the screen for this video? I tried OBS, but it slows everything down.

  8. iblandandra
    iblandandra says:

    DO you have any tips on good apps where you can import the slides of the lecture but also add your own notes on top as well as include extra slides if you need it? 🙂


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