Devicewear Detour iPad Air Case Review


In this video I review the Devicewear Detour iPad Air Case. For more details and to purchase this product please visit:



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  1. Diana Pink
    Diana Pink says:

    Don't buy this junk, mine is less than a year and the fake leather plastic corners just ripped off. It does not protect your ipad in your corners and casual dirt gets inside the case scratching your ipad. I treat my ipad with care but this thing awful.

  2. I Ni
    I Ni says:

    I got this case and after a week, the joins where it bends the most (back cover to the front cover) got really flimsy so it wouldn't stand up. Also, it made a massive deep circular scratch around the apple logo. DO NOT BUY

  3. Gabriel J.
    Gabriel J. says:

    Another great review meta. Would like to see a future review of the Belkin Freestyle when it arrives. I have my eyes on it and I think it is kind of unique. Thanks

  4. ACME
    ACME says:

    Again, review misses on hand feel/carry. Is it slippery when holding, or does it feel secure? Some of these cases can be slick and/or not when on the go w/ these expensive mobile devices. Your review should incorporate this opinion.


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