Dell Venue 8 Android Tablet Unboxing and Setup

W3Schools link to the Dell Venue 8 : In our unboxing of the Dell Venue 8 Android Tablet, we show you what you get with the Dell Venue 8 and how to set up the Venue 8.

Some accessories for the Dell Venue 8 (Android):

Dell Venue 8 Case:

Dell Venue 8 car charger:

Dell Venue 8 Screen Protector:



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  1. Yeth Segundo
    Yeth Segundo says:

    Honestly is not good. I buy April 18 2015/ now few days ago its suddenly I can use the volume I cannot hear music video without my earphone. This is why its making me so upset. ..its so annoying

  2. Yeth Segundo
    Yeth Segundo says:

    Why my tab I just brought then 2week ago when I put on charger its getting to muvh hot even that without changing I don't even use it that much only for receiving messages only but buy tomorrow im coming to send it back if where I get them at GEANT BAHRAIN. .

  3. solegemini03
    solegemini03 says:

    Subscribed. Please do a review soon. Im planning to buy but im not sure of the performance. I will mainly be using it for watching movies / youtube videos and reading pdf files/books. Thanks!


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