Dear YouTube!


An open letter to YouTube; 2018.

YouTube’s tweet:

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  1. Hyp3r PlayZ
    Hyp3r PlayZ says:

    Dear YouTube, Make a dedicated section entirely for companies/businesses. It would help independent creators (Much like myself) out, have an entire section dedicated to themselves. People would be able to find what type of content they want to see. And there should be an option to toggle this on or off. So people can choose if they want the YouTube that exists now, or the YouTube that could be the one most people want to see. TL;DR: Toggleable option for a section dedicated to independent creators. If YouTube ever sees this, Thank you. Even though that is VERY unlikely.

  2. dissinotra
    dissinotra says:

    i can not believe this! i have searched for a video like this for months now! and had to find it by chance after discovering this channel… IN LOVE!! immediate sub! and hit that weird bell that completely took the purpose of the subscribe button away. OH AND please make another one like this!

  3. Palpatine VEVO
    Palpatine VEVO says:

    YouTube will fail because no one actually understands it's algorithm, that's why they have all these problems they can't actually fix, they need to stop calling the problems tests or new features, half of their tests' are errors they hide and the 'new features' are because the old ones are broken and they need to add new ones asap, they didn't make the subscribe button not work the same for the bell icon, it was a mistake they won't admit

  4. gehtjanix1
    gehtjanix1 says:

    you make lot of money thanks to YouTube and complain about the platform that basically guarantees you a probably very good sallery for a few minutes of talking and editing?! That's wrong! You agreed to that, maybe by just by using the platform or a contract, so you are opt-in. If you don't like it, go elsewhere. And if you just gain views by making a catchy images, or even have to pay because you cant make a catchy image yourself, then you should not be a "creator". Simple as that. You are a tech page, but don't like change

  5. imicca
    imicca says:

    We are running a small experiment where 0.3% of viewers will see a Jake Paul video, instead of your video.
    We are not removing the ability to create your videos, but we hope to gain insights on auto-generated videos for the future.

  6. Jeff Bommarito
    Jeff Bommarito says:

    The problem here is WHY does it take Marques to tell them the obvious? This is the BAD in Google. Take and undermine the user's control… until they get called out? Good video


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