Dear Samsung!


Dear Samsung. Let’s chat for a lil bit

Galaxy S8 Impressions:

Galaxy S8 first party cases:

Dear Apple:

Video Gear I use:




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  1. Melih Çelik
    Melih Çelik says:

    Hey, at least we have the headphone jack still and Bixby button is kind of remappable. Sort of. Not the type of change we actually wanted but it is good se some progress after 2 damn years. As for the cases, I dont know anyone still wants to use cases for the phones when there is skins are available. Samsung doesn't do skins right now in the market but they are proud of their creation and yes the new Galaxy is beautiful. I would probably use it barebones beacuse glass backs looks and feels awesome. They get a lot of fingerprint, I know that. They also super slippery, even a little something will lead to a slide of the phone from your couch or your hands even. But I wouldn't put a case on it.

    Yet this is a 2 year video that I haven't watched before and I am commenting someting too long for anybody to read and its 4AM here. Youtube, its a weird place for everyone.


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