Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed Review - Lightweight, portable planar headphone


Video made possibly by headphones.com

Get ’em here: https://www.headphones.com/products/dan-clark-audio-aeon-2-closed

Check out the full written review: https://www.headphones.com/blogs/news/aeon-flow-2-closed-review-lightweight-portable-closed-back-planar

Forum thread: https://forum.headphones.com/t/mrspeakers-dan-clark-audio/2265/31?u=resolve



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  1. Jeff J
    Jeff J says:

    I picked these up when Dan announced them on HeadFi’s YT channel. I love them, super portable, excellent soundstage for a closed back HP, isolating enough for use on a plane and much better SQ than anything I’ve been able to comfortably travel with before. Pairs nicely with my Focal Clears and my Sony WM1A>>SMSL SP200 THX.
    Excellent review

    Also to your opening comment, ModHouse Argon’s?

  2. halimj7
    halimj7 says:


    Great review. You are definitely my favorite reviewer right now. Thanks for the great content.

    Your description of the transients seems reflective of what the Ether 2 does with transients and maybe reflective of Dan Clark’s new house sound. What do you think?

    Speaking of that I would love to see you talk about the house sounds of different headphone manufacturers. Nobody has a video like that from what I can see.

  3. Dmytro Gorobets
    Dmytro Gorobets says:

    I was waiting for your review of these, but seems like they are not what I was looking for? I saw you reviewed nightowls a while ago, since then you reviewed much more gear. Do you think nightowls worth they current price of 250 dollars in 2020 and what's your opinion on them right now ( if you still have them around)?

  4. Robert Noblitt
    Robert Noblitt says:

    Thanks for the review. I used to have the original Aeon Flow closed. I found that I could feel the filter inserts against my ears if I used them, so it was more comfortable to leave them out. Is that a problem with the new Aeon closed?

  5. Martin Leschinski
    Martin Leschinski says:

    Hey Andrew
    Thank you for the review. The new AOC seems really interesting. Really Portable and very good isolating are the key features of a closed back for me, if the sound is good enough.
    The isolation on the Elegia is not always strong enough and I carry it day by day in my backpack to the office. It needs a good amount of space.
    In comparison the first AOC lost vs the Elegia hands down, in comfort, sound and stage.
    So I will give the new Mr Speakers a listen.
    Not that I would not love the Elegia for what it is.
    Maybe they can coexist in future at some point.
    You did not mention the needed current load for the Dan Clark Audio- I suppose the ifi xDSD would have enough power to drive it without a problem. The Elegia is super easy to drive- which could be a big argument for some.

    Again… thanks for the very good review!



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