Cyborg RAT 7 Review!


The RAT 7 / Batmobile. Thumbs up, yo!

Buy the RAT 7:
Wireless version:




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  1. ゆうチャンネル
    ゆうチャンネル says:

    I use Elecom M-DUX70BK now. best mouse.
    you can use sniper mode with setting too.

    my previous mouse was Mad Catz. I got it just because I liked the design.
    I like the left right click and smooth scrolling. but browser back and forward button broke easily and almost everyone claim it. and after a year surface of Mad Catz mouse get so messy.

  2. Joao Sass Chaves
    Joao Sass Chaves says:

    dude…in less than 6 months i started having auto double/triple clicking issues…looked up in the internet and found out it happens to a lot of people…it's a fucking shitty problem for an expensive mouse…other than that, it's a great mouse…but beacause of this one little problem, i wouldn't recomend people buying it

  3. Joe Hays
    Joe Hays says:

    I just re-found this video and it occurred to me that this was the first MKBHD video I ever saw and I've been hooked since. Awesome to see your progression since this video released man. Keep doin' what you're doin'!


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