Curved TVs: Explained!


Are curved TVs legit?

55″ Samsung HU9000:

Curved Display Smartphones: Explained!

Curved TV info from Samsung:

Video Gear I use:

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  1. Silent Majority
    Silent Majority says:

    Samsung Phones and TVs have the same flaw…the software. Wen you get a TV with bad software, nothing fixes it. A tech will try lots of things but they never work. Overcomplicated/defective software keeps me away from Samsung.

  2. sly
    sly says:

    Just got the curved samsung MU8500 55 inch, and it's amazing!! I have no words to discribe the picture quality, and viewing experience!

  3. Leigh Rich
    Leigh Rich says:

    I've got a curved monitor which I do like much better than my old flat screen. It seems larger even though this it is a 27inch comparing it to a 32inch TV I have next to it. Walmart had them for under $170. No regrets.

  4. db Talks
    db Talks says:

    For all those who said its a gimmick and will fade away soon.. Its 2018 and Samsung has developed some phenomenal 4K HDR curved TVs. Long way to go 🙂


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