Cube U30GT2 Tablet Review - Great for Gaming


Cube U30GT2 10 inch tablet
Cube U35GT2 8 inch tablet
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Tronsmart air mouse remote
Tronsmart TSM-01 review video
HDMI to HDMI mini adapter
Female USB to micro USB adapter
My TV is the Vizio M651d
Micro SD card that works well with Android tablets

Next Launcher 3D
Go Launcher HD
Space colony live wallpaper
Celtic Garden live wallpaper
Real Racing 3
Beach Buggy Blitz

Multi window 4.2.2 ROM
4.2.2 beta firmware SDK 2.0 firmware

Great screen
Fast CPU
Lots of Flash Memory.
HDMI outputs to true 1080p and looks great.
Gaming is good.
Wifi display working on 4.2.2 ROM
Good battery standby time, when battery is in use its only average.
Good HD screen
Solid tablet.

Special power connector does not charge from micro USB
Camera isn’t that good but still the best camera I’ve used so far on a Chinese tablet.
Sometimes the touch screen was unresponsive when charging. I can tell its related to charging. I think this might be a bug with the firmware or a bad charger.
A bit heavy for me. About as heavy as the ipad which I think is also a bit heavy.

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  1. Eugen Balan
    Eugen Balan says:

    Make yourself a favor: don't buy this tablet, especially from chinese sites. I was warned about the possibility of receiving a DOA, but I decided to take a chance. Stupid idea! The tablet received didn't started, they said I had to install the latest firmware, I tried everything, didn't work. After two months of struggle and nerves I returned the tablet. To post lost the track of the tablet in China. I received the money back, but lost what I paid for the return and payment of customs, totally 135 $. And three months of waiting. I bought a branded tablet which works great. I have an other old tablet from a reliable branded which works also very well. If you like gambling and taking risks with your money, buy it! At least I warned you, I don't want you to go through trouble as I did. Buy a branded tablet or from an europene site, maybe they have a better custom service and you don't have to pay much for a return. If you want to buy though, make a prayer!

  2. Sky Werk
    Sky Werk says:

    I really can't decided between Cube U30GT2 and the Nook HD plus? The Cube U30GT2 looks like everything I want, but I am not fully convinced of it's display. I need some help deciding if anyone has used both tablets? cheers

  3. Gabriel Paiva Lago
    Gabriel Paiva Lago says:

    Hi River, I have this tablet and the latest ROM makes such a difference in its performance. You should try. The tablet used to be frustrating to use especially when it was updating apps but now with this ROM is just smooth. Anyway, I leave the suggestion.

  4. KWT810
    KWT810 says:

    Hey Andy!

    You should definitely change ROM on your device.
    The factory ROM is rubbish, it's not the devices fault.
    Try this one, it's great:

    Head over to arctablet and look for DarthJabbas CWM enabled ROM
    Cube v2.04 20130807 Kasty ROM – Darthjabba mod in ClockWorkMod (CWM) format

    First read how all is done, then install!

    Good luck!

  5. andy bryant
    andy bryant says:

    Had one of these for about 4 months now. Cons: The charger broke. The volume rocker broke. It overheats while charging and actually damaged the screen. It arrived with dead pixels. The wireless is pitifully bad. The keyboard locks up forcing sleep/wake to use it again. The camera is muddy in anything but the best light conditions. No GPS. No USB charging. The speaker is badly placed. No nova,back stab,9mm. 1080p stutters.

  6. HORRUS29
    HORRUS29 says:

    Stop reviewing Chinese made crap. Every thing they make is junk and you make it sound so awesome. I've bought a few things that you have reviewed and they never work right, so I've had to return them. Example being the Tronsmart MK909.

  7. amitabh bissoon
    amitabh bissoon says:

    Wanted to buy the PIPO 10.1 but was worried about the battery life? Often people say that the hardware of chinese made devices are good but the device and or battery get hot over long periods. Is the battery life of the CUBE good? Is the PIPO 10.1 Good?

  8. HostileHST
    HostileHST says:

    I can deal with the white on the backside, but I would be prone to putting on a black skin for the front, every screen should have a black border, but that just my 2 cents.

  9. bigalphamale
    bigalphamale says:

    How does this compare to the HP Touchpad as far as specs, screen quality/touch sensitivity, cpu power, graphics, video playback, wifi strength and so on…?? I am liking that it has all the little extras that the Touchpad doesnt have – HDMI out and microSD card slot! But I surely down want to step down in quality of the above stuff just to get HDMI out and the microSD card slot… thanks again for all your videos and great insights!


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