Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Gaming Mouse Review | bit-tech


Mel checks to see if the improvements over the last-gen model stack up!

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  1. TheInvoker78
    TheInvoker78 says:

    They keep putting those 2 buttons on the left button but it would be much better if they were on the scroll wheel (dx and sx). Also, this version has only 2 side buttons instead of 3

  2. Joel D
    Joel D says:

    Bonjour et merci à bit-tech pour les différentes réalisations venant de sa propre conception de désigner (boîtier, cartes graphiques, water bloc). Vous êtes des Génies. Merci pour vos présentations.
    Un problème persistant depuis des années qui passe comme un rien était, qui est de prendre en considération les Gauchers. Toujours des produits pour droitiers ou ambidextre mais jamais de produits pour gauchers.
    Après avoir vu vos réalisations, je suis sûr que vous êtes capable de concevoir la modification d’une coque de souris pour gaucher en inversant les commandes interne. À quand cette vidéo.
    Merci à toute votre équipe.

    Hello and thanks to bit-tech for the various achievements coming from its own design to designate (case, graphics cards, water block). You're Geniuses. Thank you for your presentations.
    A persistent problem for years that passes as nothing was, which is to take into consideration the Gauchers. Always products for right-handed or ambidextrous but never products for left-handed.
    After seeing your achievements, I'm sure you're able to design a left-handed mouse shell by reversing the internal controls. When is this video.
    Thank you to all your team.

  3. Adrian Boggs
    Adrian Boggs says:

    I've had the original version of this mouse for the last almost six months. One exchange so far and the issues aren't solved. I have however a piece of advice for anyone who has the original as well. TURN THE MOUSE OFF TO CHARGE!!!! Over time charging the mouse while it's on makes the mouse's wireless charging ability to fail, among other issues. The 2nd mouse I received started to have the same issues as the 1st until I started turning the mouse off for charging. Corsair hopefully has fixed the charging issues on this version and if so I hope they are exchanging the originals for this version! Anyone else have issues? The other issues I had were having to restart the mouse, software and sometimes the computer after the system went into standby mode. FTR everything else about the mouse is actually quite nice, just need to overlook it's failings.


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